I don t get it re router vs double amp

Probably a super trivial question for all the experts out there, but
as usual I don t understand the in game description at all. Why the re router does almost no damage compared to this shield?

Against dummy without moving no seing dead bonus maggie 1st shot
7017 red suit amp shot no com
5613 re router amp shot no com
3465 no shield no com

N/M I see what you are saying now. Maybe the amp dmg stacks? :man_shrugging:

Do you have any other skills boosting certain damage modifiers? Could it be the amp (on re-router) is additive to 1 of your other multiplicative buffs?
Only reason i could see 50% weapon damage boosting the total over 100%

my skills are like this maybe it has something to do with confident competence but I don really get it either.

My conjecture is that it has to do with wording and the wording tells me that the damage boost for the two shields are in two different locations and/or has different effects (e.g., additive vs multiplicative) in the damage formula.

For example, the Red Suit says it boosts weapon damage while the Re-Router says it boosts Amp Damage. So my guess is weapon damage occupies a different place or has a different relationship than Amp Damage in the damage formula.

It would be great if @Prismatic can verify this. But don’t feel compelled because you must be getting tired of people asking you to test stuff. :grin:


Amp should be applied the same across both shields. Amp is also on its own in the calculation so shouldn’t be affected by skills.

In the case of the Red Suit you’re getting 2 damage modifiers suddenly becoming active. Competent Competence is adding 35% and then you’re also getting 50% amp from the red suit.

Damage = Base x Competent Competence x Amp
Damage = 3465 x 1.35 x 1.5 = 7016.625

This matches your in game result.

The Re Router I’m really unsure on. Did you double check the result? Could the Maggie have missed a few shots?

I’ll boot my game in a bit and see what I can work out.

I’m always happy to try help. Everyone’s welcome to ping me.


I tried several times and it seems to be inferior, though a lot of confusing things happen when you remove gear and try to test as neutral as possible, the initial test was with class mod and the difference was gigantic but probably seeing dead triggering (though no icons)

But I think Studdugie is right the wording is different and probably means something different

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I’ll grab a re router and see what I can find.

@olivier_shady the Re Router amp seems to only apply to 1 pellet from the Maggie.

The rest are not being amped. Welp, guess that’s a bug.


Interesting. Never really used re-reouter aside from rocket launchers so I never noticed the behavior.

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Neither have I, and more recently the 0.m has just been the more appealing option.

For gun with unlisted projectiles all projectiles receive amp. Just checked with both Lyuda and Bekah.


what 0.m does exactly, is this a sort of Bee and does it works with Maggie? I think I have it but haven’t tested it yet

0.m is also an amp shield, it has 125% amp when full, and when depleted it drops an amp circles that is 50%.

0.m also only amps 1 pellet. :neutral_face:


So an Epic shield with 3x Amp makes the Maggie/Shotgun a god weapon,…

Pls open a support ticket about this :pleading_face: and don’t be dissuaded by their attempts to dismiss it!



Weird… the damage (with a shotgun for example) should be the same whether a single pellet gets all the damage or the damage is divided equally among all the pellets; the difference would be in how I think I might whiff? Like it still technically works as advertised?

If the one amped pellet misses, the shot is wasted. If a couple amped pellets miss, some percent of the shot is wasted… what a weird gamble.

Not in m4 settings it just makes for funny one shotting potential on lower mayhems reg amp shields are pretty squishy

I don’t know about GB, but I’d think 125% amped, just means I get 125% more damage. If only 1 pellet gets amped, that’s only 1/6 of the damage I was expecting.

Fade Away Fl4k could use it M4 :wink:

Thought we were in zane sub xd

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Ok fine, that shield would fit perfect in a ccc build,… :rofl: