I dont even know where to begin with gear

Im planning on using the Bee, leg. Binder and all skills that boost damage of any kind. I also want one elemental weapon of fire, shock, and corrosion at all times that each use different ammo pools. Other than Conference Call, what are the absolute best DPS maya weapons? The top tier gear guide had too many to narrow down.

I don’t use a Bee on Maya unless I’m doing a Pyro Pete farm (takes too long otherwise). For end game, this is probably the definitive guide:

Until you get there, well, use anything really. Also consider a Cat class mod as a secondary: you can construct a build that lets you alternate between both fairly easily. Cat Maya + SMG = total win.


With over 30 days on my main Siren (I have three) I’d suggest a fire Pimprenel, corrosive Conference Call (DESTROYS Badass Constructors with Wreck) and a Twister or Unkempt Harold. Half of the Cataclysm tree doesn’t scale well at OP8 but it’s her best tree for damage, spec the essential points down to Ruin and take the skills that increase DPS by percentages over the elemental increases per level. Her Harmony tree is great if you don’t use a Grog Nozzle, especially Sweet Release. With Suspension and Sub-Sequence you can get loads of CC and multi-kills from Phasegate, always take Wreck and Chain Reaction for even more Phaselock buffs and you can clear a room in a single use of Phaselock. I always use a Legendary Binder for mobbing, it buffs her essential skills notably Suspension.

Im surprised Cataclysm doesnt scale well! Is maya the ultimate player for fast, easy mob kills for level 61 mobs? Im planning on taking my op8 maya to vita, where 61 enemies are the max. I like feeling like a god in games

Most definitely. Her CC is radical, she can destroy mobs at OP8 so she’d have no trouble below that level. Although, you’d need a slightly different build as you’d have 11 less levels.

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I’d check out derch’s twisted pimp build. It does pretty high damage.

I know that it isn’t the highest DPs build but I’m having a little success with my elemental Jakobs alliance build. It uses one weapon of each type all with a different element. You could see if you have any luck with that I’d you want different types of weapons. But there are way better guns out there to pick from.

My OP8 Siren build looks like this: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#455001455051050100003551510501


  • Fire Pimpernel

  • Corrosive Conference Call

  • Twister

  • Unkempt Harold

  • Blockade (Shield)

  • Quasar (Grenade)

  • Bone of the Ancients relic (Interchangeable between fire and acid based on area/enemies)

  • Legendary Binder COM

This is of course a mobbing build, I’d suggest changing gear to a Legendary Cat, Bee, and Sandhawks for raids, but the same build is still applicable.

I wouldn’t even know where to start with 11 less levels though. I have 5 points left over when I have Res, Ruin, and Sub-Sequence, so I put two more in Ward and Inertia and one more in Mind’s Eye. Probably skip Sub-Sequence and run a Legendary Siren instead at level 61, have two points in both Ward and Inertia and four in Mind’s Eye so you can skip Res if playing solo, otherwise take one off Quicken for Res.

Edit: Taking into account the different skills boosted by the Legendary Siren class mod, here is a level 61 build idea - http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#145001440014050100004550510501

Four points in Quicken would be plenty with the Legendary Siren’s large cooldown passive, saving a point for Res.

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That was mainly pre final patch, now they fixed a bunch of it.

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I would still be op8 on the vita, just not the enemies :slight_smile: And Derch, does that mean that the Cataclysm tree us all viable on op8 again?

The cat tree was always viable, it was even always great. Half the skills were lack luster but the other half was amazing.

The issue with the cat tree before was you had little choice and flexibility to it and 5 point had to be spent in a not great way

But you had foresight, immolate, chain reation, reaper, and ruin. All of those are amazing skills at all levels.


Post-patch Helios is quite devastating. With the build I posted above, I could kill the Spiderants in Pyro Pete’s lair with just Phaselock thanks to Ruin/Helios, it kills a lot of weaker enemies at OP8 that Ruin alone wouldn’t normally kill upon cast even post-patch. I find it makes the Legendary Binder more viable and versatile now as it’s no longer boisting one sub-par skill.

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Thanks guys! Other than CC and sandhawk, what are the other top tier guns? I saw bekah was on that list but is it really amazing?

The Bekah has the bullet split gimmick that some of the other top tier Maya weapons have, meaning that when boosted by such skills as Chain Reaction, Wreck, Mind’s Eye and Accelerate, you can do a heck of a lot of damage (I think the Bekah also has a hidden crit multiplier but not real sure about that). @Slif_One- can’t say that I’ve ever been that fond of rank skills but one of the purposes of my new characters is to use gear and skills/builds I might have passed on before. My newest Maya is level 70 with Thoughtlock and Ruin for capstones. Is Helios- a skill I’ve never tired- really worth it?

So far i’ve decided on the CC, Sandhawk, and Bekah. Is there a better AR for fast mob killing with the Bee? Also, what should my last weapon be?

The hail, bekah, and leadstorm are all great for bee abuse.

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What about the Shredifier? I feel like it would kill wuth the Bee.

Its ok. It puts a lot of bullets down range. It isn’t the best though, as weapons with splash or unlisted pellets work better with the bee.

Things like the Sawbar, Flakker, DPUH, Sandhawk, etc…

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Im surprised about the DPUH! Due to its lack of actual bullets i though it wouldnt be as good without chain reaction and all those.

The DPUH has pellets. As far as I know it works fine with CR. I don’t know if the splash is boosted by Reaper, but I think it works with CR at least.

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Nice to know, thank you!