I don't get double xp

I did a lot of games since the time the xp bonus should have applied but when I compare the character xp now with the xp from yesterday games it’s nearly the same.
Anyone else having the same experience?

Shat. Ill check it out when I get home.

I honestly can’t say for sure as I don’t write down how much exp I got yesterday but it doesn’t really feel like double.

Probably wrong but eh…feels like levels should be moving more than they do. Especially character exp…not feeling double exp on that at all.

Feels like double to me got wf for rank 2 to 10 just in the last 5 hours.

feels like double to me got i think 800ish command rank and 80 character rank in a story

I haven’t really been paying attention, but it is possible that the bonus is all server-side and doesn’t display in the client. Marvel Heroes is like this when they do buns weekends. So it is possible the screen says 400xp, but you actually got 800. Keep a close eye on the XP left to next level and it should be easy to tell.