I don't get the level scale on this game

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im farming for a new hoarder OP8 mod and a tubby just dropped one, the mod i had is lvl 72 with a 3.7 ammo regen

the one he dropped is OP8 with…3.8…why? shouldn’t it be higher? how a mod 8 levels higher is just 0.1 better? and also, every time im farming an infinity or a rough rider i never get the item at the level im currently playing (OP8), which i find pretty stupid tbh. i always get op6 or barely 7 but never 8

is this intentional?..

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(That, Sir, Is a Richard Relocation) #2

It’s part of the RNG of the game, and is as it should be. Guarantee specific parts and level, and you remove the farming element, which is at the core of the style of game that this is.

(Int_Ra) #3

i don’t mind getting specific parts but the level? come on…

if i wanted an OP7 or 6 i would farm them on OP6/7 difficulty

welp…thanks for the reply

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COMs, relics, and grenades all have hidden “quality” levels in addition to the regular level.

In the case of COMs, there are two “parts” (possibly three?) - each of which can have a different level from (roughly) 1-5. This will have a dramatic impact on stats - much more than regular level.

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…really?..didn’t know that, and i guess the only way to know with COMs is just looking at the stats

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(odiscordia) #6

Borderlands has always had this. For example… crawmerax is level 72 and half the crap he drops is 66

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(Int_Ra) #7

that is sad…btw do you know if this is the best site to trade weapons or is there another?

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(odiscordia) #8

Trade? Well…I suppose you meet the peeps here and then go do whatever online. Just do not discuss anything like duping etc.

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(Int_Ra) #9

yeah i read the rules, thanks! :crocodile: now i need to find someone to trade me that norfleet…

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(odiscordia) #10

If I ever get wifI and online. .I’ll give you whatever. I have like every op8 everything you could think of and I don’t care about any of it

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(Int_Ra) #11

if you have an op8 shock norfleet without vladof/tediore grip and that accesory that lowers its damage then thats all i need :smile:

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(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #12

Crawmerax is Level 75 if you will fight him at max level of 72. So if Crawmerax is Level 72, I am guessing you are level 68-69. Which technically can have a drop of + -2 levels from your level.

(odiscordia) #13

Craw is 72. You are 69 at end game

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That’s what she said.

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(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #15

You mean borderlands 1. my bad. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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(odiscordia) #16

I suppose. There were just soooo many words

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Ya. Lol

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It’s quite possible I do. Honestly don’t remember. I’ll check it out

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(Int_Ra) #19

aight then, thanks! i just don’t want a norfleet with parts that lower its damage.

if you can, please make a list of the items you have, if thats ok for you lol, if not its ok too

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(Int_Ra) #20