I don't know how to FL4K

All the FL4K builds I’ve seen are dependent on you getting crits, which is something I struggle to do on console. Are there any builds that aren’t based on crits that are viable in M4? :frowning:

Basically any Fl4k build should simply take Megavore. Then you’ll get critical hits without needing to actually hit enemy critical spots.

Works very well for both Gamma Burst and Rakk Attack builds.

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I think I have megavore in my current build. I’m thinking I’m just not good with FL4K or maybe I need better annoints. Was trying fade away which did great damage but runs out quickly and imo doesn’t cool down fast enough so I would get wrecked. Gonna give it another go.

The build is probably less important than the gun in this case (the cookie-cutter 2 capstone build is pretty all-purpose) - try Brainstormer or Lump which you don’t need to crit with, or splash guns like the Insider or Flakker which you won’t be going for crits anyway.

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I am bad at hitting crits that is why i love the gammavore build. My favorite to use in that build are gamma anoint maggie, star helix, brainstormer and hyperfocus.

I use cryo redistributor and corrosive cutsman in true takedown.

Not the best fl4k build but It got decent damage and survivability. Try it you might like it as well,

Not updated for level 57, but this should definitely suffice

Or this

Use a lob, no need to crit.
With Megavore though multi pellet weapons bring it he most out of Megavore and headcount.

This. The Brainstormer with Megavore and Head Count can get your cool down back in seconds. One suggestion is to try a Gamma Burst Red Fang build. It draws a lot aggro off Fl4k and with his annointment giving bonus radiation damage during Gamma Burst is has some pretty good dps not reliant on crits.

Having a Hunter Seeker grenade is helpful as well, I’m told. It helps to proc Head Count, or something. Not as efficient as Brainstormer option, but I can’t use it on my Jakobs allegiance Fl4k :slight_smile:

Yeah I have a max fade and max gamma fl4k since I hate the other vault hunters besides zane but I find zane very boring after an hour.

The dps difference of the two fl4k builds is very negligible. If you go deadeye on either you one shot. If red or st4kbot they are stronger than eachother against mob/bosses but you shred woton in a second with either build and you survive with either build. Fade has more skill required though. Gamma you just need the gamma anoint and a red fang and nothing more

The hunter seeker will do the same thing with the Megavore and Headcount perks. Combined with a few cool down bonuses and this can give you a pretty fast cool down.