I don't Know how to get rid of this thread

Any deathless will do, I’m loosing my mind with the farming lol

Are you looking for trade or give-away? I have a snowdrift deathless I could trade, if you have anything on my wishlist;

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot shield (action end self-terror or ammo regen)
Messy Breakup shield (action end self-terror or ammo regen)
Face puncher (melee self-terror)
Ten Gallon (radiation, any zane or terror bonus)
Snowdrift Splattergun
Freeman (any zane or terror bonus)

Binary Destructo Spinner (any element combo except cryo)
Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid (any damage buffs or cooldown bonus)
MOARR Linage (any dmg. buffs or cd bonus)
Nimbus mod (just looking for options)

trade for sure and I have whisky tango foxtrot, face puncher, ten gallon, and commander planetoid but none of them are anointed. the commander planetoid has ammo steal.

Sorry mate, only anoint is an upgrade for me. Good luck!

ah well, thanks for messaging me

I think I have a Deathless flopping around my bank I can part with. Got a Fearmonger, Stalker, or Ghast Call? I don’t care about stats/anointments (though level 50 pls). I should be online within the hour and will check back here for a reply.

If I don’t have them I’ll try my hand at farming them really quick

Actually I do have a comander planetoid that buffs corrosive

You must be new here :laughing:

Seriously though, got a Carrier, Ruby’s Wrath, Linoge, ASMD, or Re-Router?

Also, what’s your Epic handle? I’m Adabiviak.

I am very new haha, my handle is N0B0DYz, also I do have an anointed ASMD

Ok, let me figure out the mail thing… have only sent things a couple times.

edit - friend request sent.

Cool cool

ok I accepted it

It’s an “Elemental” one? Just sent it.

sweet thank you! I just sent the ASMD

It shows up under Social, no? Like manufacturer rewards?

yup, exactly

Did the relic come through okay?

edit - got the ASMD, thanks!

edit - ooh… it does work like the original. Love it!

Thanks again for the relic! anymore farming and I would have gone insane XD