I don't know if I can continue on

I can’t do this anymore. Yes I’m a random forum user but I need to rant.

My name is VergilSama92 and I play on the PS4 but I’m done with this game.

I’m tired of constantly running into premades over and over in Incursion and QM (Ran into 4 Premade teams literally back to back), I’m tired of this horrible matchmaking that hasn’t been fixed at all since launch. I’m tired of being paired with command rank 20s vs a team of command rank 120s+ (My own command rank is 117)

I’m tired of putting in 300+ Hours into a game with no meaningful battleplan or lack of event for it’s own “anniversary”

I’m tired of the god awful CC abuse stacking in Incursion and Meltdown. (Galilea pull, into Shield stun into Ghalt pull, into Alani bubble into shayne pull.)

I’m tired of the horrible balancing put into the PvP of this game. (Galilea should NOT get a massive pull at level ONE it should AT LEAST be available at 4+ or how the tanks in this game do as much damage as assassins ((Boldur, Kelvin, Gali))

I’m sick and tired of being forced to play carry assassins like Deande or Phoebe to win games. (Yes Phoebe classifies more as an Assassin than a Fighter or Brawler or Tank)

Maybe I’m overreacting but the more I play this game, the worst it becomes and the harder it is to stay. I can’t win vs a stacked premade team ESPECIALLY WHEN PEOPLE CAN QUIT at the first 2 minutes. And you know what?

I’m sick. And tired. Of Early surrenders and Rage quitters. Reports are useless, There is absolutely no penalty for quitting outside losing XP which is a joke.

I’m going to be honest. This game is dying. And it’s dying fast. PC is losing players and the absurd premade Matchmaking team comps is making me feel less compelled to stay. At this rate I’ll switch over to Paladins or Overwatch if it means I can get a more balanced PvP.

No I’m not the best player in the world or the worst player. But I can’t see a reason to justify putting 200 more hours into this only to get crushed by imbalanced team rosters or imbalanced skill matches. (this goes for when i play meltdown and I bury random players because they are too low skilled. It feels disgusting and there’s no improving when you fight people that are not as good as you but it’s also frustrating fighting a stacked premade with just random players who don’t understand basic game mechanics such as looking at pings or paying attention to the map).

Who knows, maybe someone else out there is having a blast with this game and it’s PvE (Operations are repetitive chores for Meh skins but the storytelling isn’t that bad) but the PvP In this game is horrendous and the main focus as to why I bought this game since a week after launch

(Also as a side note what is up with this terrible character balancing? El Dragon should not be this squishy, Orendi hits WAY too hard, Galilea can get godly CC at level 1, The sentries have horrible A.I. and don’t target enemy battleborn when they dive with a wave, Mellka is underpowered for literally no reason, Game gave snipers soft CC to push lanes and also to counter melee, And Why does Kelvin get a 3 second IMMUNE stun? At least let him be CC-able in sublimate and don’t get me started on boldur and how OP he is in terms of offense and defense. Oh and beatrix stackable silence that homes in on targets.)


Gali can Desecrate Kelvin out of his Sublimate.


I can assure you he doesn’t. He is only immune to damage while in sublimate. Pretty much all cc still effects him.

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I good mellka is basically untouchable to most of the roster. She is too weak now but I think I’d trade low attack power for near invincibility.


Not true Melka is only viable after she gets her venom clips. Granted if your good with her you can hold your own but to say she’s untouchable may be exaggerating a bit. Melka could def use a damage buff or a rework of some of her helix’s (a couple are pointless across the board). Thats my 2 cents, keep the change.

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Those are some trash Deandes then.
If you are on PS4 and the Deande is not
@Phoenix-2613 @Nemosis327 or me…
Well then…

On the bright side…I understand your pain…I have stated before, that the heavy CC and the bs attitude of players that come with it, is getting ridiculous.
They are too afraid to run alone or without tremendous amounts of CC.

EDIT: Oh yea, Boldur just needs to be removed from the game


You’re right.

Sorry about the rant (not going to quit) but I’m tired of the problems not being fixed


Matchmaking problems have always been, and will continue to be a problem. Battleborn IS dead, it’s been dead for almost a year in a few months.

Having a reasonable matchmaker means having to wait EXTREMELY long times, possibly getting up into the hours. You already need to wait obscenely long times to get a game.

Frankly, I’m very very surprised that they didn’t make the game F2P yet. That’s quite litterally the only thing that could save it. They were setting up for it, but it’s still a paid title. PC is functionally dead, and console seems to be dead too.

It’s sad because I legitimately liked the game.


Boldur doesn’t need to be removed from the game!

He just needs to be drastically, drastically, drastically, drastically, drastically reworked.


Trust me, I completely understand. It is becoming harder and harder for me to be Deande when I am with a team that does not know how to deal with certain elements of BB.

Deande is an opportunist.
Just like my friend Nemo stated.
Deande does not make opportunity, she capitalizes on it.
if there is no opportunity to capitalize on…what tf am I going to do?

If I have to go out and do things that I am not suppose to be doing as Deande, something is wrong. If I have to constantly risk my hide and die just to destroy something, something is wrong. If I am losing my damn shields because no one but me is targeting shock turrets, something is wrong. It takes away how effective I could be in battle.


Console isn’t dead yet.


Its definitely loss copious amounts of blood. Critical condition for sure…

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I’m sorry but I’m sticking to my original argument. A good mellka is practically untouchable. Sure, if the team chain CC’s her she will die but the same is true for Kelvin. A good tank still gets shot but a good mellka doesn’t stick around long enough to die.


Not dead yet. Just very close to it.


Not dead but this current period of inactivity from the devs as far as hotfixes and all that is rapidly killing it.


I’ve finally removed the game from my Xbox One.

Had a hell of a time but I could see that it was dying and I couldnt even get into some of the story DLC missions and I’m tired of the PvP.


Maybe you need to practice your melka.

Melka and some other characters have crappy helix options forcing a clear path.


What I don’t like is that almost every balancing up until now Influenced the PvE side too and made it in most cases just plain less fun.

El Dragon and Mellka are examples that were nerfed into complete uselessnes in PvE. You can play them and you can complete the missions, but you need good gear and you need experience in the game. Other changes removed nice options for PvE (e.g., uppercut to lock down bosses) and substituted them with wound (no effect in PvE - wasted perk), let’s bounce was great to have more mobility, Pillarstorm didn’t even need a rebalance since it’s been useless from the beginning.

PvE is part of the game, it needs to be taken into consideration. Friend of mine got the game with the Humble Bundle but didn’t install it until shortly after the WU. He uninstalled right after the prologue with the words (free translation, we don’t talk in english): “Those weapons feel like using a pea shooter and the enemies are too bulletspongey. Boss has way too much health for an intro don’t even want to know how the others are. I don’t want to get carpal tunnel syndrome.”

That’s the spot Mellka has at the moment. She makes minor enemies in the tutorial feel bulletspongey for beginners. Up to a point that at least one potential new player completely lost interest in the game again after playing her.


Mellka’s gun damage has actually been improved. Same with her melee. If your friend thought that they were bullet sponges now he probably would have liked it even less with the previous Mellka.

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Mellka’s single target damage is actually really good. If Battleborn were a simple free-for-all deathmatch, then I’d be happily clawing faces all day, every day.

But this is a team game where composition matters, and very few (if any) characters are more firmly “slot 5 wildcard main” than her.