I don't know if this has been posted before, but did anybody else feel deceived by the trailers for this game?

To me, it seemed like Brick, Mordi and Tina would have a bigger role. And thats without bringing up Maya’s role and the fact that Lilith didn’t actually do anything. And while it did not show any signs of the “coming war”, I guess I just kinda assumed it would be about it.


Maybe they will. We are still early in this story.

I would love to know why they didn’t bring back more prior VH’s. They didn’t even let Salvador have any fun. The most played character of this games successor, completely absent.

Possibly because there’s a limit to how many characters you can have in a story, and them wanting to tell a particular story about sirens? After three games plus Tales, there are a LOT of characters that could have been included.

I actually had no expectations about which characters would or would not be featured from the launch trailer precisely because it’s sole function was to reintroduce the Borderlands franchise and tease the setting and story for the new game. It’s been a while since I watched it - was there anyone in that who has not yet appeared in the game? And if so, there are still three DLCs in the pipeline…


Ich denke auch das es sich über die Dlc’s noch entwickeln wird. Fakt ist auf jeden Fall das es die Erwartung natürlich für Spieler des Borderlands 2 Spiels nie erreichen wird aber das muss es auch nicht. Ich sehe es jetzt als neues kennen lernen einer evtl. Zukünftigen Weiterentwicklung des Changre. Spielen und drann bleiben. :wink::heart:
Entschuldigung für den schlechten Deutsch - English Übersetzer :rofl:


@VaultHunter101 not that I know of.


The ‘Seven Seas of Rye’ trailer was awesome…

and did feature the now ‘B - team’ quite heavily.

I was disappointed in the lack of Tina in the main game…I hold out hopes that she and the B-team have their own DLC.

Only mislead was Eden 6, which looks in the trailer to be a treetop location.

The swampland for me was too large and in quite painful to playthrough (I’ve gone through it 9 times now, so feel qualified in my opinion)

That’s all said and done - trailers are there to sell games, not necessarily the truth.


We were robbed of Aurelia working with Sir Hammerlock :confused:


and tina, mordi and brick, not even in sactuary 3, is like everybody is a stranger.

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I do feel like a lot of people didn’t get the trailers though.
Loots loots loots and mayhem. World drops. Lot’s of toys. Chaos.

But gamers want’s that one build with tailored gear right now.


I don’t see that as such a big deal, since the trailer can realistically only have so many locations and the game is much bigger. It’s probably more down to who was creating the video - was it the game devs, or a separate group from marketing?

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GBX has said they couldn’t include everyone, and I get that… the cast of characters in the Borderlands universe is pretty big now and it would feel a little cramped if they did include everyone they could think of. There are a few fanservice moments (like Krieg’s echo logs) but too many of those would start to feel a little cheap IMO and well, fanservicey heh.

Some characters not being included is curious though, like Athena. She’s a huge part of TPS but she’s nowhere to be found, not even mentioned anywhere as far as I can tell. Being ex-Atlas, she could have had an interesting part in the story I think.

Zed mostly MIA has been explained, but I do miss the good doctor in the flesh.

One personal favorite I would love to see come back at some point is Captain Scarlett. :heart_eyes:


The trailer is something I’ve brought up in discussions before on the forums. In particular regarding Lilith.

And trailers aren’t always showing in game content which is fine…but we really got something different. Very different.

In the trailer we saw Liliths fiery attitude, blowing a kiss before giving a birdie to the camera to the COV, her slamming down and being the leader of a charge attack towards the Calypsos.

Then we saw Rhys and Tannis building a vault key together. Which I don’t think the two of them ever interacted with one another in game let alone worked together to build vault keys. It would have been cool if Atlas came along with us after we assisted them with Maliwan in terms of being an active role. Yes they all kinda rolled together near the end but it was still underwhelming.

Other details were whatever to me - gun battles are just as explosive as they were in the trailer (sometimes to the point we can’t actually see what’s going on). But the characters and their hinted roles were far different than what we got.

And of course, the biggest one for me…Aurelia standing with Wainwright and Hammerlock. I was excited to see her role - because yes she was a rich snob who was also a bitch to everyone but she showed she had some morality when she spoke against Jack in the pre sequel. But we got…an Aurelia that just didn’t feel right to me…


even with a story that took me 20 hours to beat they couldn’t flesh out the characters they decided to add. hell even claptrap was seen less after the first hour. even if we ignore the charecters that made a return, we got half baked charterers that i forget about. katagawa, clay, … help me name more im forgetting them as i type.


On the bright side, Paul Sage was on K6’s stream and mentioned he wants to talk about Athena but can’t yet. For sure we’re getting her in DLC!

One of the reasons Borderlands stands out from similar looty-shooties are the characters, all as lovable and personal as its loot. They’re just as important as its gameplay loop. That’s why despite Tales’ different genre, it was still a Borderlands experience to its core. To see BL3 lack that understanding disappoints me immeasurably.


@spacebubbles22 That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. I felt letdown after all the hype I had from the trailers. I know trailers are meant to hype, but some things were straight up lies.


@gelboy I agree, the characters are just as important as the loot-and-shoot grind. The atmosphere, the humor, all these things help make borderlands what it is. It just feels lacking compared to the other games.


Missed that bit…miss that old psycho.

I actually believed we would see Brick with a Saxophone and that didn’t happen so,… yea,…


There’s still time, and hopefully when it does happen it will also involve Digby Vermouth. It wasn’t until my second time through Skywell 27 that I caught the name of the artist Rhys-ball starts playing during the control room sequence, but it is indeed the same Digby Vermouth you meet in the DLC side quest. And ISTR several other mentions of the name through the main story?