I don't know why am I thinking about this, but we should make a petition about Luxy's Space Adventure DLC. I

Seriously, this game need this DLC

(video by Joltzdude139)


If this is a real petition, then I’ll sign. Although with how busy GBX is now I really doubt it’ll be made since 2K Australia’s closing.

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Signed. It may not be likely, but any piece of new content would be welcome. TPS is too good of a game to simply fall by the wayside, one more piece of solid campaign content would really do a lot to help this game’s image in the franchise.


Here’s hoping this at least gets attention

I’ll sign, but I dont have hopes for this ever happening. Specially not since battleborn is only 3 and a half months away.

I’m always down for more game content, and I almost don’t care what it is. Full-blown DLC? Single holiday map? A new gun/skin? A hotfix? Heck yeah.

If there are literally just a few pieces of concept art and a simple plotline done towards making this, Gearbox would functionally be starting from scratch. If they’ve got the time to fire off a piece of DLC with this little work done in advance, I’d be okay with whatever they were down to produce: Luxy’s Space Adventure, Moxxi’s New Underdome, Adabiviak’s Circle of Slaughter (it’s like the Mutator Arena, but from Pandoran fauna for the Vault Hunters in BL2, hint hint). :wink:

If this is just the little bit we know about this canceled content, but there is actually quite a bit of the heavy lifting done already (character modeling, animation, skinning, combat mechanics, maps created and textured, and that sort of thing) such that Gearbox only has to polish it off to make a working release, I’d like to think they would.

Let me run this rhetorical question by you: if you could pick only one, would you rather have Gearbox:

  1. …finish off and release this Luxy’s Space Adventure DLC?
  2. …fix three game mechanics of your choice from BL2 and TPS?
  3. …begin/continue work on BL3, which includes releasing a teaser trailer showing some early enemy/weapon mechanic (and confirming that this is actually in production)?

^This! /signed

Also signed, although I don’t know how much freedom GBX has to make decisions like this independent of 2K. A recent article makes me wonder just how much of the yelling at GBX should that certain individuals engaged in should have been firmly directed elsewhere - see, for example, the first paragraphs here.

But yes, always down for more content. MOAR!


A chance for new content? Oh hell yea, consider me signed.

I was just wondering, if gearbox was going to announce something when would be the best time. I’m thinking when that big convention (e3?) in the summer. And I’m really can’t wait to see “if” they announce anything about borderlands. I’ll take an add on to TPS to hold me over till borderlands 3. You know it’s going to be a long wait.

Signed. I really don’t think this one will get released, but there have still been hotfixes and updates rolling out, so if there is a chance, I am going for it.

I’ll sign, it probably won’t happen especially since most that bought the season pass will bitch about what they said at PAX, about how ALL DLC made for this game will be included in the season pass. Meaning for the most part Gearbox would have to make this for most likely negative profit or break their promise and charge for it. And no matter how much I want new content for this game I’d be kinda salty if the went for the latter.


Sign. I’d buy it for $10. No doubt.

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I might as well toss my name inl, if they made the topical DLC, I would buy it, but I seriosly doubt it’s going to happen.

We can dream though.

Chilean Vault Hunters signed this!


I was disappointed when I found out that this was a thing and it had been cancelled. I do hope that it can be made, but at this late date I know it’s less than likely. Anyway, consider this my +1. Signed.

Signed - lack of content is my only really major complaint about TPS.
But yeah, sorry for the tangent. Signed.

Consider me signed.

Its less about the money and more about losing trust in the company. The press and all the haters and even some of the supporters of TPS would eat this up.

  • It’d make them liers, and they’d look like they are screwing over their fan base for a cash grab.

The negative press would hurt them a 100x more than breathing life into TPS would help.

Not to mention they said all DLC would be released by October 2015. But they could use this to their advantage here.

So in the end I feel to keep face they won’t even consider this as an option. I’d love more DLC, but unless they’re going to do it for a loss in profit it isn’t going to happen.

Though I’d love to eat my words. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would pay for the new DLC, regardless of their earlier promises.

This game needs more content, guns, and a loot hunt (hint).


I’m in!

Signed: Kurtis Helm

I love the Borderlands universe. Please bring more content.