I don't like most Marquis players

I really don’t.
I’m sorry and I’m sure a great many of the people are not this way - but it seems like every Marquis I ever play with, has absolutely ZERO concern for objectives.
And why would he? His whole skill set basically states that the most he can do for the team is kill enemies.
I can honestly say that no matter your skill, which I’ve seen great Marquis players out there, if I see someone pick Marquis I prep for a hard fight - since - you know, this is an objective based game.
I’m not here to claim OP or UP, or talk strats, I just mostly want to vent. I’ve met one Marquis since the open Beta that I respected - because he would stop trying to get kills, to accomplish something for the team.
Is there any advice Marquis players out there can give me, that I could relay to Marquis I run into that believe this is “Snipers only Halo 3”?


Predatory Strike is a very good pre-defend area control measure because they stay up for forever and do lots of aoe damage. Couple that with Temporal Distortion and you can cc most groups of enemies to death in seconds.

Well, most marqui are bad. They spend the match with like 30% accuracy and taking pot shots at the sentry while doing the line of sight glitch.

As someone who mains Marqui though, this shouldn’t be.

With damage over time in our time bubble we can easily decimate minions. Our ult is also awesome for this. More over we have possibly the easiest time killing mercs since we can just headshot them at range. I consistently have first or second most minion kills in my team.

This problem is not unique to Marqui players, most randoms who join meltdown seem to just want to play TDM and get very few if any minion kills.

That said, a bad marqui is less than useless. No enemy kills and no minion kills while feeding the enemy rath and gal levels.

To answer your request for advice, tell them the following:

  1. Focus minions early. Marqui needs to be levels 4 and 5 ASAP.
  2. Deploy owls every time you think about it. They are great at finishing off low health enemies.
  3. Take time dilation deals damage at 4.
  4. Take Eins, Zwei, Cry at 5.
  5. Focus mercenaries and elite bots. Only you can kill them before they even reach the mid turret.
  6. If minions are dead, focus active miko. Then tanks.
  7. Encourage team mates to mark low health enemies. Marqui is excellent at clean up kills.
  8. Stop missing
  9. Get gud
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Thank you. Very much appreciated.

I main Marquis and I honestly spend more time jungling and running defense on the main lane than trying to kill people. That seems to be the best role for a “good” Marquis player as his CC works amazingly on minions and mercs, plus it still gives the opportunity to get kills or assists. So tell them to defend the objectives rather than play TDM.

OK, I’ve maxed Thorn, Ghalt, Alani, Mike, Benedict and Deande…So…
I’m going to try and change the way Marquis comes across in Story mode with teams.
I’ve got him at level 2 right now and have to say, he is very powerful, survivable with TEAM potential.

I don’t think this is true. Maybe it was back when you first posted.

But now Marquis player will have a high minion kill count which is important to the objective.

After capping a point place at least one predatory strike near the access points or on so that you get the early damage and warning of enemies trying to take it, also if they see a galilea/blodor they should run away very quickly (if there aren’t any allys nearby