I don't like the new DLC boss

why does it has to refill its health I know what you guys are trying to do you want people to play with other people I don’t like playing with other people I don’t like making posts I like the difficulty but why does he has to refill his health the worm it’s f****** frustrating this needs a NerfI don’t like the fact that he refills his health why does he got to do that it’s f****** annoying why would you put that in I don’t want to make a post I don’t want to play with other people :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::-1::-1::-1::-1:

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At least take that away the health regenI like playing borderlands but this is really frustrating I shouldn’t have to play with other people but I don’t want to why are you forcing me to play with other people I could I could see it in this new DLC

You can stop the health regen if you inflict a DoT before the boss goes into its burrow. There’s lots of information on it towards the bottom of this thread:

It looks like it’s possible to solo (there’s at least one fast solo kill video in that thread) but it will take learning the different phases and attacks, and figuring out counters.

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I think they just need to take the health regen away that is really frustrating I almost had him beat he just refilled his health almost all the way well all the way actually that is really frustrating I like the difficulty of it but for him to refill his health that’s just ridiculous

He is soloable, rather easily at that.
I killed a level 80 haderax while on-level, completely solo. Almost was able to do it with just my tattler and a bee, but the regen forced me to use the sandhawk eventually.
What you need to do is take cover under the little structure in the middle and make sure you hit him with something incendiary every time he pops up. Be careful of the spores, those things are little bastards, and when his health gets too low he will start dropping boulders to flush you out so you need some method of quick healing, I’d recommend moxxi + AoE grenade

The raid bosses are designed to be beaten with four players, they have huge health pools and multiple complex attack patterns for that reason. That’s not to say that they can’t be beaten, you can solo any raid and quickly, but they’re supposed to be frustratingly difficult. Nerfing a raid boss is a bad idea, if you could easily beat this guy he’d just be another lousy basic boss.

Check out the thread VH linked, we have videos and strategy discussions in there :slight_smile:

I did beat it I felt the exploit on YouTube when you first go into the boss fight with the worm the first holy pops out of he’s going to go downjump on that hole and it’s going to boost you up there’s a black hole within the wall you going to the corner he can’t get you at all that’s how I beat him by that explode but I don’t like playing with other people I know you don’t have to do the raid bossbut that’s a piece of content that I missing that I paid for why I didn’t pay for the free one but I still paid for the game to do everything you shouldn’t have to be forced to play with other people it should be a choice and I’m wasn’t talkin about nursing all raid bosses I know they’re supposed to be hard but I’m filling up his health is ridiculous he said some point it should stop but it keeps going I know raid bosses is opposed to challengeor filling up the health almost instantly that’s not fair and you should not be forced to play with other people that should be a choice in any game

I’m happy I did beat him what the health regeneration needs to go away you can make a boss challenging without that

I’m going to give you a couple reasons why I don’t like playing with other I played borderlands back on the Xbox 360 okayI stopped playing borderlands when I hit Xbox one because I brought it when it first came out on the 360 and I did everything but I didn’t have the DLCs okay so I want from praying borderlands on the 360I wanted to try something else so I brought destiny 2 recently not recently when it first came out on me because I really like your borderlandsdestiny 2 has you posting all of the time and then you get people that will get smart with you and you got to get smart right back because you’re playing with complete strangers and getting smart this is why I don’t like playing with other peopleand I got busy and a couple times voice communication because of other people time I would make a post for destiny 2 you got somebody that’s getting smart they’re not patientI don’t like playing with other people being forced to play with other people kind of makes me mad and I don’t really like it because of how people are

It feels good to be back on borderlands but the stress of playing with other people because of destiny 2 this is why I don’t want to be forced to play with other people because people likes getting smart and now because of destiny 2 I can’t stand it I like to do everything by myselfI don’t have to deal with other people yes I got friends to play with but they work a lot and I just like to do everything myselfI don’t want to play with three people I don’t want to play with 4 people I just want to play by myself they get too smart and I can’t stand it all because of destiny 2 I really don’t like that game

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OK, I will. But I’m not comparing this game to bloodborne. But look at bloodborne. It’s difficult but it’s around a single player experience. You could make something difficult without bassing. The difficulty around a group activity. You can definitely make something difficult. At the same time, having a single player experience. Just because you make something difficult that does not mean it has to be based on A. group I would never say not to make anything difficult. But there’s ways around without having a group. You could definitely make something difficult without that. Just take a look at bloodborne. That other one, I forget the name. These are very difficult games, but based around single player. So you can definitely make something hard. And you can paste it on a single player But if you wanna do a group that should be a choice. I’m not saying not to make anything difficult. But you could base it on a single player experience that’s all I’m saying.