I don't mind the Core loot pack but

I don’t think it should have came with the outright removal of the Faction Loot Packages. Some of the reasons for my thinking is thus:

  1. It makes it significantly harder (than it already was) to get those few remaining taunts and skins. Having only the Core pack means that you’re pulling from ALL the various factions; and their respective characters. IIRC, any credit bonus (500 or 1000) you receive when opening up a pack means that it was a taunt or skin that you already unlocked for a particular character. Now that all 30 characters are within the same pool to draw those skins/taunts, the chances of getting the one you want is drastically reduced.

Each character has access to 2 taunts and 3 skins per pack, so lets take the example of skins:

Original Faction Loot Pack Reward: 3 (skins) * 6 (all faction characters) = 18 possible skins that can be rewarded from the pack
Chance of getting one specific skin: 5.5%

Core Loot Pack Reward: 3 (skins) * 30 (ALL characters) = 90 possible skins that can be rewarded from the pack
Chance of getting one specific skin: 1.1%

So you’re 5x less likely to get a skin you want. That sucks to say the least.

  1. Some of us enjoy chasing after that one specific loot item that has certain rolls we want. These rolls are dependent upon the faction in which it comes from. Without Faction Loot packs, we basically have to spend more money and time trying to get the gear item that we want; since the core pack includes all faction types.

I’m not making this post to say that we need to get rid of the Core Loot Pack. Just that I thin Faction Loot packs should be brought back into the game.


I was after a couple of Faction specific Legendaries this evening, only to be some what dismayed at the new change. Question is, why? Why did they change it?

Where do we now get those items we wanted, have they been added to missions or level up packages? Anyone know…

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Not to sound accusatory, but I’m pretty sure the faction packs were removed mostly due to the introduction of loot boosters. If two or more people have a loot boosters active in your party and you win, everyone in the party gains a random faction pack. Rewards scale with how many party members have active boosters, but 2 is the minimum for faction packs.
Also, gaining 100 ops points in an Ops nets you a Faction Commander pack for your character’s faction, if you didn’t already know. That method is also repeatable.


None taken. And yes, I’m sure of Faction Commander packs likely being the way to go. I just found Faction Packs more convenient.

Also, (not for you Echo) I noticed that if I acquire a loot item of the same faction - and with similar stats rolls - to one of my currently equipped items, the new one that was acquired has now become equipped; rather than the old one. Can’t remember if this was an existing problem already or just something that came with the update, but it does kinda get annoying to a small degree.

Wasn’t meaning accusations would be aimed at you. I meant I didn’t want to sound accusatory towards Gearbox or 2K since it could be loosely interpreted as me pointing fingers and calling them money hungry. I personally don’t mind the change.

It’s a great idea for money making business purposes but horrible new feature for the players.

Well to their credit they made Legendary packs much more accessible, both in Diamond medals and the fact that having a full party of loot boosters means that if you win, everyone gets a Legendary pack or Commander pack. It could be an easy loot day if you put them on and spammed 100 ops points runs; you’d be swimming in loot.

Edits: Changed Platinum to Diamond, I’ve been calling them Platinum from the natural medal progression I’m used to in games. Also I am aware you can only have 3 players max in Ops, I was referring to Faction loot packs as the main bonus from boosters.

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Thanks for the input. I’m back after months away, so lots of the changes are new.

Whilst I don’t like the fact they did this, I do see a side to it that makes sense. It’s very possible that they are testing the sales with a premise to going F2P. It’s not unlikely they would consider this, if it meant a big boost in players. If they can make in game purchase work, then who knows.

I’m sure I talked about this in a thread a while ago. But I reckon they could go F2P and make it a much bigger game. What with all the characters to choose from and loot and skins and taunts etc. If the F2P game started out with just the core BB’s, you’d then be in the market place for any others. They could even narrow it down to 5 or 6 free, no skins or taunts. Then add in support packs like most do. I think they are crazy not to try this multi approach.

Give them time, it may come true. I personally think this game is very similar to Castlevania: Harmony of Despair in a lot of ways and I love that considering that is my favorite game to this date. (No offense, Battleborn. Let’s face the fact here though: I’m playing you, not Castlevania.)
A F2P model may or may not work, but I think we all hope to see this game expand more with every patch and update.

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I’m gonna be the bad guy here and point out it is 3(skins)*6 (all faction characters) since there are 30 characters, and 5 factions, which makes 6 per faction. So sorry for that, and my inner Ambra wants to make sure your shirts are tucked in, so mind tucking them in if they aren’t?

Other than that, I wouldn’t mind seeing the return of faction packs, but leaving out the other loot packs. I tend to only play Jennerit and Rogue characters for fun, so the other skins and taunts don’t mean much to me. I would still buy the core packs to get gear that I may need, or if I ever get all the skins and taunts available to Jennerit and Rogue characters.

No it’s fine. I was probably thinking of core characters. And yeah, I don’t have an issue with the other basic loot packs being removed.

My brother and I are pretty aggravated that they got rid of the factions packs and instead have this one expensive Core pack. We’ve been playing the game since beta and I’ve been playing as Rath since day one. Switched characters now and then, but always go back to Rath. You’d think after about a year playing I would have unlocked at least one stupid taunt for Rath, but nope. I only have 3. I’ve been trying to unlock “The Artist”. My brother unlocked it after buying a few Jennerit packs. Constantly buying Jennerit packs and not seeing one taunt for Rath sucks, but with this stupid Core Pack? I feel like I’m just throwing away my credits. You’d think Gearbox would realize people would be more motivated to play their game when the players can customize their favorite characters.

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Operations. I have every single taunt and skin. Just do any ops mission.

I like attikus ops, is easy and faster 20-22mins you get 1 taunt and 1skin 90% of the time or credits to buy those core packs.

Is probably a business move, i wont complain, after all they are giving constant tweaks and updates for free. On ps4 everyone got that op for free.

Okay thanks! My brother and I will try some ops later today.

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You need 100 ops

Even if it is just a test, testing how many in-game purchases PAYING players are willing to make is a terrible way to test whether the F2P model will work. I already payed preorder price for the Digital Deluxe version. I’m not going to spend anymore money on this game, and I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Adding the core packs to the regular marketplace would’ve been a good idea, but this? This is stupid.

Yeh i’m probably just thinking too hard. But I honestly think its the only way they’ll get lots of new people on board, quick. They may never do it, or wait until all the season stuff is out. But this is off topic anyhoo…

I pre ordered the digital delux and bought season pass for my bf.

I have more than 600 hrs and i think i can spend 10-20 dolars every month in the only game a play.

I dont buy or save any other game and enjoy it more than any other game i have. So spend in a game i enjoy to keep it growing seems a -wise decision from a handsome consumer-

I’ve gotten more taunts / skins out of these core packs than i ever did out of the old faction packs. It might be RNG, but it i’ve been getting more useful items as well

It’s interesting seeing the different opinions on this topic - I’ve got every taunt for all the characters I main and have more loot than I can reasonably use already, so I’ve not been rushing to buy the core packs since they were introduced. I think I’ve purchased maybe half a dozen and only got a single taunt out of all of them combined, but whether that’s due to drop rates or me already having most of the taunts due to owning the game from launch and purchasing a massive amount of the old faction packs between then and now I just can’t say!