I don't much care for PvE defend missions

With the exception of The Renegade (I think it’s called), all the other missions where you have to defend an objective are borderline not fun. Easy mode they’re not so bad now, but with Advanced matchmaking and the hopelessly clueless level 9s matchmaking sticks you with… umm yeah, whatever. Makes me not want to bother with Advanced matchmaking, whereas Easy mode is just plain boring. Could play with friends, but out of my 120 friends only 10 have ever played Battleborn, and only 3 play regularly. Besides, matchmaking should be my LFG tool, not my friends list.

In Destiny, every mission was beatable with PUGs, and checkpoints kept you from insta-failing back to the menu screens. Even if you had to wipe and grind, you still could beat said mission as long as everybody didn’t ragequit. There’s just way too much no-fun going on in Battleborn’s PvE; the whole system needs reworked, maybe even scrapped and reworked. You shouldn’t be forced to get a raid team together to do basic casual advanced modes. And failing back to the menus means there is zero opportunity to pull together as a team. Makes you just not want to play with n00bs instead of trying to help them.

Gearbox, I am not asking to be spoon fed easy loot, but as a company you are obligated to make this game fun for us, and PvE is really missing the mark at the moment.

And please, before anyone gets started about how I am failing as a player and there is nothing wrong with the game blah blah, jist stahp. I’m a decent gamer, so if it isn’t fun for me I know I am not alone.