I dont need terror gun #@!#@#

If I go offline. I wont get anoid gun is I want. But If I go online terror status is ruin my anoid gun drop
I got many gun is I want. but all is terror anoid gun . and its the end I just hang on the wall in my room on my ship .
I tired in terror gun. please do something. this is not fun >:C
no cheer

no it’s not. And this has been mentioned already by a lot of other ppl.

The only solution is to play offline until the event is over in 6 weeks .

Or Gearbox will send out a hotfix that only enables ghosts / terror drops when the quest is selected. However they didnt say anything on that topic yet.

offline drop a lot legend. but most of it is outdate. its non element. its non anoid . its serious rare to see anoid drop in offline. if need exp go offline but if need good drop you must be online :0

I disagree. I have farmed over 300 different legendaries offline. I only use elemental as weapons.

Try farming the back area of jakobs estate on mayhem 3 and make sure to get the horder tink. Yields 1-6 legendaries in one single drop and good one’s too. I found 2 quasars but only offline.

Sucks getting terror guns.

What sucks more is shooting the skulls and getting “terrored”.

Having poor accuracy and handling isnt a fun mechanic. All you are doing is forcing me to use my maggie during slaughtershaft.

hate everything about this event regarding terror, skulls and annointed guns.

Please make it go away ASAP.

Do they really think im going to keep annointed terror?

excuse me. its anoid grade :o ? and element too ? Where is back area of Jakob estate . please advice .

ok, everything for a little cat :wink:

make sure you load the game on mayhem 3 offline and go here:

doesn’t matter if you die - because you respawn directly in front of it. just make sure to get the tink!