I don't think anybody's mentioned this about the MORQ shield

The Robin Williams one. If you battle Teh Earworm, the shield appears to have at least one unique line when you hear the music (it says “I’m enjoying this”-I guess it thinks I have a good looking mainframe). I wonder if it has other unique lines in other specific situations?

The shield says that line all the time, it’s not unique to that one part. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, ok. I didn’t wear it long, but it only seemed to say it during that battle.

The 1st time I did not wear it long when I tried it in UVHM. I found a better purple adaptive pretty quick.

This time in NVHM I used it the rest of the DLC. It talks a lot more than I thought it would. I kept thinking my coop partner was saying things.

Someone posted a video of it going crazy during the Ear Worm fight, and I found that it did indeed have some outburst … although I am not sure what it was. (Hah! If I’d read the OP I would see you mentioned that. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I actually enjoyed the shield dialog quite a bit. And it is really good … maybe better than the stats seem. I think that character is still wearing it in Concordia in TVHM.

That was me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That video brings up an idea. We have unique dialogue foreach chatecter now. And guns and shields that talk. Well i wish they could talk amongst eachother. Just imagine the Morq on Wilhelm tryin to make him laugh and Wilhelm just constantly screaming NO!.

Or Bognella and Athena. Its constant cursing annoying her. Or nisha with Bognella cussing at eachother.

I feel like there was a missed oppurtunity for some unique Borderlands comedy.


Yeah, this effect is I guess what I thinking of. The shield yells at each individual tentacle seperately.

The Boarding Party mission has people talking to each other. Which is awkward in SP, but still, a start.

Wil -> Athena: “General Knoxx? The guy with the sick ass robot suit? You killed him? Not bad!”

Aurelia -> Nisha: “Your sex will be horrifying.”

And some more.

Nisha -> Wil: “And I thought I was the weird one.”

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Hm. A build involving talking gear only…

Cutie killer, splooger, boganella, morq, Eddie.

Which class would be best for that I wonder.

I think it was already decent comedy by introducing the SMG that’s hellbent on killing everything. Kinda reminded me of Shotgun 1340.

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I’d go with either Claptrap to amp up the annoying factor, or Wilhelm to be the ‘straight man’…


Which SMG is that?

Cutie Killer

Spoiler tags for those who haven’t found it yet and want to be surprised.

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Bane and Cutie Killer.

Cutie Killer is like:


Right, claptrap’s pets talk a lot. Same with Jack and Wilhelm. Good call

well totocar just blew your spoiler tags right out of the water :stuck_out_tongue:

the boganella is the gun that cracks me up haha

yeah! get into 'em proper! :slight_smile:

Ha_Na did it aswell before I posted.
Does make the tags rather useless…

you win some, you lose some i suppose :slight_smile: