I don't think Gearbox fully understood how PC players are when it comes to patches

Put simply, if a patch fixes a crucial issue with the gameplay, it needs to be put out the moment it is done. I could understand waiting if PC players could crossplay with consoles, but that is currently not a feature. We are playing on a version of the game that is out of date when there is a patch that has been ready to go for a week. This is what will drive away players on PC, because if the game’s issues cannot, or will not, be fixed quickly, players will move on to games that will be.

The official response to this has been that patching the PC would affect the console servers, which makes me curious as to why. Part of me is hopeful that this means crossplay may have been planned and cancelled at some point, and may return (which would fix the population problem), although the cynic side of me thinks they aren’t separate just to save a buck.