I dont think this has been said before

So, for a while I’ve had this idea for a future borderlands game, it may sound ridiculous but hear me out. So you are the leader of a simple raider gang you can choose when you make your HQ. Slowly you recruit new soldiers, these soldiers can be equipped with weapons, and shields etc. you find. You can conduct raids on other HQs and get loot to improve your base. You can completely ignore this mode and play the game like a normal borderlands, kind of like the base building in fallout 4. Multiplayer for this mode would be pretty damn hard, I don’t know how you could implement it. Any other ideas?

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Here is where developers often go so wrong: in the pursuit of innovation, they often lose the soul of the thing in the process. What you’re talking about involves a lot of gameplay that is distinctly not ‘Borderlands’, despite being so very Pandora. The soul of this game is the FPS style, the action skills, the crazy guns, the tragedy interwoven with absurd and hilarious characters.

What I would LOVE is a variation of the CoD release scheme. That is, a Borderlands FPS coming out every few years, with alternative style games in the same universe coming out in between. This keeps the setting alive, and it allows time between each main release to allow for lots of DLC. It would also allow us to enjoy the setting in FPS or, say, turn based strategy styles, without any one release trying so hard to be all of it that it fails to do anything well.


That’s exactly what I was thinking as I read this. I don’t think this would be a good idea, at least not for the Borderlands series, because there’s already a game that plays like this as you mentioned. Borderlands is unique, instead of being the one leader or hero you’re a part of a collective of anti-heroes, you don’t feel all powerful and heroic rather you become powerful and, well, not necessarily all heroic. TPS even made you question if you were really the good guy, or if the BL2 vault hunters were the good guys, in conclusion were there ever any good guys? Besides, half the fun was playing vastly different characters and choosing your favourite among the dysfunction. IT’s not a bad idea, I just don’t think it’s a good idea for Borderlands.

And then there’s that, BL2 was very different from the original yet still had the Borderlands soul, there are a lot of diehard Borderlands fans and something like this could split the fanbase, TPS already did that though for different reasons.


“There’s a bandit camp being attacked by vault hunters that needs your help”

No. Just, NO.

That said, there have been multiple requests over the years for some kind of weapon updating/crafting bench, and I find that stuff therapeutic after a hard day fighting off the Pandoran hordes.

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No, this game doesn’t need to turn into COD where a new crappy games is released every year.


Well said!

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How did you get that, when I specifically said an FPS every FEW YEARS?

CoD is made by multiple studios, so that each has a 2 year cycle to produce the game. What I’m suggesting would be something like Gearbox doing Borderlands FPS, with a second studio licensed to produce things like strategy games in the setting. So, maybe we get a BL shooter every 3-4 years, with lots of DLC, and about half way through each cycle, a non FPS type of game to explore the setting with in different ways. That allows for a lot of fun with the setting, without losing the soul of the ‘main games’.

Imagine ‘Borderworlds’, a game where you’re smuggling would-be Vault Hunters from system to system, evading big corporations in your ship, etc. Then, the next BL game comes out, and you’re running through some crazy forest setting as a VH straight off a recent smuggler’s crash landing…


Imagine BL3 involving a reconstituted Atlas Corporation led by a guy named Rhys. :wink:

Gearbox may be in the middle of beating you to that idea, to some extent. And the world would be a better place.

You go right on, you with his finger on the pulse of Borderlands! LOVE what you’re sayin’!


As long as the “in-between-games” aren’t the same style as Borderlands itself, I have no objections. But… if they let other companies develop it, I fear the soul of the game will be lost. We’ve already seen how bad it can get when they do that. I know that many like The Pre-Sequel, but is it as good as the original? Not in a million years! They didn’t even have the decency to come up with new legendaries. And the rest of the outsourced BL 2 dlc material varies in quality. Everything from really good to really embarrassing.

But the idea of something completely different, with a BL connection, sounds really great to me.


My worry is that games associated with Borderlands, even in name or setting, would dilute the franchise.

Many people don’t associate games by company, they associate games with the franchise they are in. So some 3rd party “Borderlands” games, would make it feel like too much of a money grab. A few bad ones would tag bad rep onto the franchise name.

Plus, how many of us are STILL playing through the games, and enjoying them? Too much would (to me) feel like an overload!

I still want some sort of crafting mechanism. Even if it is scrap an entire gun/shield/grenade to get one part.

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What would be interesting is the borderlands one style of legendary weapons, where the barrel is not always the materiel the determines the weapon. Because Ajax’s Ogre.


Yup yup, (After playing Tales specifically) the whole lifestyle on Pandora can certainly make for some exciting situations. Hopefully this gets some more light shown on it in BL3.

Though I like the idea of being at risk myself.
I feel like it could take away from the vault hunting aspect, which I crave most.

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