I don't understand all the hate

I just played about the whole way through the game. It took a while because of work but I gotta say I really love this game. To me it has the same humor as the previous ones. There’s things I don’t like about it of course. I know everybody is entitled to their opinion but mine is it’s great overall. I just hope they come out with as much dlc as 2 that would be awesome. I mean a game with Ice-t as a navigational computer stuck in a teddy bear and penn and teller how can it suck lol. I know everybody has their own opinion. I play single player exclusively and I have like 2500 hours on borderlands 2 and I’m really ocd when it comes to gaming I always have been. So it could be just me. And why does everyone hate Ava? Theirs nothing annoying about her that I can see. I have a teenager now and must be I’m used to it or used to blocking it out.


PSA: Please take any discussion about Ava into one of the existing threads for that topic. Let’s keep this one about the game as a whole - ta muchly!


Personally, I enjoyed the story overall. I thought the returning characters were fine. I enjoyed most, if not all of the new characters. Out of all the new characters, I think Wainwright is my favourite.

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It is subjective but I think is shared with some people , I didn’t like:

  • Some of the jokes, and there are too many jokes
  • Maya dying like that for characters that I don’t like
  • The villains, which were more annoying than dangerous, and didn’t do much other than talking a lot.
  • The constant taunts about the moment I hate the most of the game through 2/3 of the game which spoiled me a lot of other things.

Plus I know it’s ridiculous, but I really loved Maya’s design and voice, while I hate Ava’s face and her general design.

There are no character that I’m happy to see when I play except Zer0 and Hammerlock. All the others seem weird to me in BL3 .

Finally I have the feeling they could have done more, but did the minimum story wise, tried to fill it up with jokes, and made efforts only with fan service and expanding the universe.


Right there with you brother…or sis. I believe for me it’s a worthy predecessor to BL2. I plan on being on this game for a long time.

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I loved finding out more about sirens, even if that did end up turning some of the things we thought we knew about them upside down (a bit).

I also loved finding out more about the Eridians and having the Guardians back in the fray.

The ‘alien’ weapons now look really alien, and there’s some interesting things going on with them. I prefer them to the Eridian guns in BL1 (so far!)

And now we know more about the origins of vault hunting as a career choice… Turd farmer or vault hunter? No question in my mind!


I didn’t care for fact that they left out many of the old characters. I’m sure DLC will remedy some of that though. Ava is a bit annoying, Maya dying was awful.

Eden 6 was the best part of the game to me. Wainwright is hilarious, and I also enjoyed Clay and the Rouge’s mini story arc.

I also enjoyed Typhon and found him quite funny.

Overall I liked it, although the writing at the end was very questionable. Still can’t come up with a reason why Ava would be handed the keys to Sanctuary. My take is that the new writers wanted their new character in the driver’s seat.

The most infuriating thing to me is that all of the cut scenes where something horrible happens my character is standing right there (yet not) and does or says nothing. Just doesn’t feel right.


I would love if the team at some point could include a bit more about Jakob’s Cove. Maybe Wainwright could meet Dr. Zed in person somewhere - that would be interesting!

I also enjoyed all the new creatures and environments, although I was expecting a little more variation in things like gravity and lack/presence of atmosphere.

Anything with more Wainwright is good to me! I was wondering about Dr. Zed, strange he was absent but I didn’t play the Telltale games so I thought maybe I missed something there.

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The guardians wasn’t enemies in Bl2 only. They are in every other game in the franchise.
These “alien” guns are regular weapons with a destroyer barrel. They’re not the eridian weapons from B1 (which i prefer better).
Story is let’s say mediocre, but every other thing in the game is of superior level. Can’t blame even the voice actors they did their best. There is no hate about the game, at least on my side, just a fair amount of criticism.
Also in term of writing , the Wainwright- Hammerlock relationship is, in my opinion, a very well written homosexual relationship.


everything about it was good. nothing about the characters unique personality was annoying to me. yes it was sad to see some fellow hunters go and it left the mystery of the others open but it is an overall fun game. im gonna spend a long time playing it for sure.

They were in BL1, absent from BL2, and present in TPS. I’m enjoying their incarnation in BL3 even more.


Don’t forget that not really liking something isn’t “hate”, it can just seem that way on the internet.

It’s just that she’s tied to Maya’s rather crappily handled death, and then replaces her. Ava just isn’t cool enough to replace Maya, for me at least. The whole “master-apprentice cycle” thing kind of hinges on the apprentice being cool. And the master’s death not being so idiotic and forced-feeling.


I want to feel like you. Borderlands is by far my favorite franchise. I really really want to like the story and the writing. Every time i play through it, i like it less. Which is the opposite of Borderlands 2.


I could play the campain only once, if I look at the first cinematic I only see my playthrough with the worst moments accentuated :grin:

People are entitled to their own opinion on the game, but I’ve personally been having fun playing it too, especially with friends. I’ll admit that the game isn’t without its flaws however, I have my ups and downs with it, but if all the kinks can be ironed out, BL3 would be a big step up from BL2 in my eyes.

I like the vast majority of things overall, but my main issues are with:

  • The story - I didn’t think that the BL3 story was bad, (the story arc on Promethea/Athenas was great), but it certainly could’ve been better. Mainly because I thought it missed several opportunities to really go in-depth, and for me the Nekrotafeyo story arc was one such example.
  • The Calypso Twins - This kinda fits in with the story. I love the Calypsos and really wanted them to be good villains, but they lacked any real motive and character development. Troy kinda had something going for him, but it came way too late, and before ya know it he was dead… I’m upset that the best bit of their writing was hidden away in an ECHO log, and in my opinion, more of their backstory should’ve been expanded upon in the game.
  • Plot holes - This one is petty but some of the events that are not/poorly explained bug me.

To be fair though, my two main points are nothing that a good DLC couldn’t fix if GBX decided to do one explaining the backstory a little more. At the very least I can hope. ^.^


Borderlands 3 is a great game despite of Ava and half of the characters acting like Scooter.

A lot of the humor and writing just felt forced and unnatural for me. It seems like they were trying too hard to live up to BL2. And with the amount of time they had I expected a lot more.

Troy and Tyreen are pretty unbearable. I thought they were ok at first, but after 4 playthroughs I honestly can’t stand them, and I don’t think the whole streamer personality thing will age well.

Maya’s death was not handled well. This has been discussed plenty, so not much more to say.

The old characters kinda got left behind. Very little involvement with Brick and Mordecai.

The game was fun and I had a good time with it, and by no means do I hate it. But the story/writing left a lot to be desired.


Some of my disslikes about bl3 the humor was toned down a lot sarcastic and dark humor both where lacking for me and is imo one of the things that made me fall in love with bl2

claptrap being one of my fav chs from bl 2was hit hard with no sarcastic humor at all hes a shell of what he was in bl2 sadly.
tiny tina her writing make me think they didnt even go over past

Also one thing i hate a lot about bl3 is there was no raid boss at all in game from the start.
And that they are triyng way to hard to push the being “pc”


Scooter was better written character than every single one in BL3, old ones included.

It seems to me that writers wanted to blow your mind with all the new siren BS by adding bunch of convenient world ending powers, no one heard about before and failed horribly, old characters are shallow shells of what they were in previous games, new characters fall flat and unitneresting. This streamer mentality doesn’t fit within Bl universe what so ever imo and the grimm, yet self awere feeling is gone. It was replaced with tryhard jokes and cringe dialogs that CANNOT be skipped. Writers tried hard to replicate everything from previous games and add a lot of new stuff they thought it’s great as well and failed in both imo.
The complete lack of most characters from previous games and little to no screen time for some made it even worse. It’s pretty obvious that they just set up the story for next games while trying to tie up previous games and again, failed horribly in both. It all comes down to the change of the writing team imo, that is the one and only reason for my dissapointment.