I Don't Understand How ION CANNON 100% Drops But

I try farming for Nukem and the rate is pretty bad when farming Loco. I want to get a Creamer launcher from Junpai but it seems like the drop from his is far worse.

Yet ION got nerf but drops from the boss 100% of the time. I wanna take the chance to get some annointeds from Creamer but the rates right now feels disgusting. I keep on wondering how come I find myself still playing the game if the farming for loot for a long time just to finally found one with bad prefix or annointed keeps turning me away

GBX reading this post: “too high drop rates detected, initiate LoweringIONCannon-drops.exe”.


currently trying to farm the creamer
am i a joke to you GB?
i dont want to be an astral green monster empress

haha yeah, dedicated drops are realy weird…

the best weapon in the game drops from a boss you need to travel a whole map to reach but then drops it every time you destroy it… and other (rare spawns for example) have you farming for weeks and never drop a single legendary.

not to start about the legendary items you can never get anymore (ember’s purge, scovil or even the wedding planner)

but, best to wait untill mayhem 2.0 and hope they fixed more stuff…

btw, why does it say “gyrojets increase damage by 75%” when there isnt even an alternate fire mode?

I get a lot of Nukems and Creamers when farming Freddie.

I farm the challenge trans before Freddie best farm for coms and the nukem is thier dedicated drop

My old thread revived? Well…

“btw, why does it say “gyrojets increase damage by 75%” when there isnt even an alternate fire mode?”

Either a bug that needs to be fixed or something else entirely. I guess this thread still stands with why dedicated loot aren’t 100% but worse to get especially on high Mayhem mode