I don't understand how Samsara works

It says that you build stacks when damaging enemies with your action skill, and the stacks decay after a few seconds. But if you can only get your AS every 30 seconds or so, how do you ever get more than one stack (because they decay before the cooldown completes)?

it is one stack per enemy hit, some action skill (like phaseslam) allow you to hit multiple enemies in one usage easily so you can gain multiple stacks.

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She also has the spiritual driver com that starts a DoT on Amara whenever she uses her action skill. Each of those damage ticks will give a stack of Samsara, a lot of people exploit being able to miss phasegrasp to trigger this constantly and pair it with an elemental projector for doubled damage in that element

That’s Mindfulness, not Samsara.
Also Samsara description is misleading, the healing is based more on missing health, not max.


Ah, okay, that makes sense. So, with Phasegrasp, would this be the number of times it jumps to different enemies, or would the singularity also count as enemies hit?

For Fasegrasp it works (worked?) only with Fist Over Matter.

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I will give you a quick run down of what dose and dose not work with Smsara.

No arguments (like Revelation) give Smsara stacks.
The orbs from Deliverance do not give Smsara stacks.
Phasegrasp and Eternal First will give a single stack if a target us immune.
Ties that Bind dose not give Samsars stacks.
Fist Over Matter, Phasecast, Deliverance, Reverberation, Tandava, Phaseslam, Fracture, and Downfall can all give Smsara stacks.
You can hit enemies multiple times or multiple enemies and each instince of damage will give you a stack.
Each stack has it’s own timer so hitting a single enemy when you are about to drop will simply overwrite your stack with the lowest timer rather then refresh the whole buff.

With all that said this skills two best pairing are with First over Matter and Downfall which both do multiple instances of damage and can hit multiple people making stacking consistent and easy. The problem with Downfall is your stacks will start ticking while you are using your beam.

So by default the only skill it really excels with is Fist over Matter. Beacuse you get the most use out of the gun damage.

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Thanks for the correction been a little while since I’ve played her so I’m a bit rusty.

Thanks. So by the sounds of it, to get the most out of this, I’d have to go down both skill trees.

Unless your really trying to maximize gun damage the skill is meh over all but it isn’t a bad skill. Doing a Phasezerker Fist over Matter build can stack up some pretty crazy gun damage between skills like Wrath, Dread, and Samsara. For me personally when it comes to the choice between Samsara and Arms Deal. But to reiterate if you actually use an action skill that supports the stacking of Samsara you could do worse for only 3 skill points.

I really hope the new Phaseflare skill stacks Samsara when it is near an enemy because if so you will get very good consistancy out of Samsara.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with Phasegrasp skills, notably Ties That Bind.