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Why is Gearbox punishing people who do not like playing in the public verses games? I have a group of friends that meet online to play games every Friday night. We’ve been playing BF4 for the last several years almost religiously. We have our own Facebook forum and only allow people to join whom we’ve vetted. We like playing privately and most of us will never play a game that is only on public servers.

I’ve been trying since last May when my brother got me into the game to get them into playing Battleborn. They continuously refused for whatever reason. Finally, when the free-to-play was offered and since they were tired of my constant asking, most of them decided to try it. There was a problem however, we couldn’t play private games with people on the free pass. That was crap! I worked for over a year to get them all to try the game and when they finally do, we can’t play together. Much to my surprise however, they all bought the game so we could play together. That was awesome!

But now I’ve discovered a new problem. As a “reward” to all the people who like to play with their friends in private games and who do not like to play public games, Gearbox has decided to disallow Lore Challenges from being accomplished. I’m sorry, but this is complete and total BS!! What’s the difference? Why does the Lore have to be completed in public matches? PvP is PvP no matter who I play it with. I have several characters who I will never get the “Master of…” title all because I won’t like playing on a public server!? BFS!!! It’s bad enough that these challenges HAVE to be accomplished on PvP in the first place but then to force them to be public PvP games… Thank you very much for turning my love for your game to borderline disdain!


It’s never been allowed though, the closest to completing lore in private is the bots battle que. which if you get 5 together is the same basic thing


Because otherwise everyone would farm Lore in single player private matches and make any challenge intended in them pointless. Though, as Hatred points out, you can just do it in Bots anyways.


Look at it this way: sure, it sucks that you can’t advance lore challenges through Private Matches (which I find odd, now that I think about it), but at least it’s not like Smite where you specifically have to play against other human players in order to obtain mastery points for a character.

So… silver linings?


Correction, you aren’t getting the lore done because you don’t want to put the work in. Private could be cheesed easily, too easily to be allowed.


it’s not possible because the players on the enemy team could just stand there and let you farm whatever you need. in bots battle all pvp lore is more or less easily obtainable, though. bots are dumb as potatoes (apart from a few decent AIs).


I don’t think it has anything to do with “putting the work in”, as it’s a GAME and is meant to be a release from work. I know for me, I have a job that prohibits me from sinking my life into games (and even if I wasn’t working, I would hope to have better things to do that sit playing games anyway). I don’t play public anything either, mostly because a lot of the people on there are the ones that have no lives outside of BB and do play it like a job. For those who play casually with friends (like myself and the OP), and have no intention of playing public, this is all frustrating.


I know you used “mostly” and “a lot” here, but it is a pretty presumptuous statement nonetheless.



We’ve just been playing for a long while, so we know the game better. If we went and played BF4 against you, it’d be the reverse situation.


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Carry on. Politely.

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That’s not just a battleborn thing. Most games turn challenges off when you do private matches. Makes sense to me.


How is that odd? most games disallow earning of achievements in private matches to prevent people from farming them, its not a new things


Cheaters gonna cheat. Especially on PC, nothing prevents people from farming titles, lore and challenges the easy and mind numbingly boring way already. That was a thing since release, but I won’t go into further details here since it’s against the forum rules.

I honestly find it a kind of “do you want to cheat or do you want to earn something and feel proud of it?”-situation.

I’m not intimidated by titles. You can play in a full team with pentastrikes, angel of death and worthy of song and my only reaction to it will be something like: “OK, now deliver a proof for that”. Even a scrub like me met quite a few people who couldn’t follow up on their title (btw., even before Bots Battle was a thing). Titles and achievements are tainted since matchmaking became a big amount of stomps - and this goes back quite a while.

If you are bragging with your title, be prepared that I will be kind of disrespectful (on a gameplay level, I’m not sending hatemail or stuff like that) and I will demand a proof for it. There’s not much skill required to win against me (even when I’m playing my best character), but title farmers from e.g., Bots Battle still can’t deliver often enough.

No challenge progress in private games mean:

Every game you play didn’t happen. But only you can see your stats, no other person and I sometimes really would be interested in a full summary of my time in the game. PvE deaths count, player kills in private games don’t. Playtime increases in PvE, it doesn’t for private PvP. Some people have hundreds of hours in this game, but a big part of it never happened because it was in scrims.

Allowing progress in private games would give people a full picture of their own experience. It would make people seek groups of people they enjoy playing with and against, via discord, steam groups, reddit, forum, etc. (even 1v1s can be fun). There is competitive minded people and people who want to just have some silly fun and anything in between. It is more fun for everyone if those can organize games with people of their mindset instead of being mixed together in public queues. In public games I almost always have to be much more tryhard than I’d like to be (I just don’t want to be that player who causes the loss - it happens sometimes and I feel bad about it) and I mostly pick characters I feel semi competent with (there are exceptions sometimes). Private games are usually much more relaxing, because I know from the beginning what is expected from me.

Even if people only group up for lore, this still would bring players together and I could see stuff like e.g., farming fridays popping up and creating friends who then also will be seen in other parts of the game.


It’d be infinitely easier than the ‘que two five mans and do lore when we meet in public q’ since you wouldnt need 10 people for each match.


It would be easier (there’s also mini match now btw.), but I honestly don’t know if it even matters.

I have some things in this game I can wear with pride (one of it is the Demon Bear skin for El Dragon which I earned in his darkest times - I’m still playing him laughably bad in PvP though). I have a few things I won’t wear, one of which is pentastrike (earned it in real PvP a long time ago, but I didn’t feel like I deserved it).

As I said, I’m disrespectful. I won’t be scared by a title, but if you’re e.g., wearing Master of Caldarius and play him in a way that I feel you deserve it, it’s not unusual to hear an honest gg from me (steam, reddit, forum, …). Cheaters won’t until much later when they’ve truly earned it. I’d also be embarassed myself when I’d wear a bragging title and then play a bad game …

I just don’t think that it really hurts the game.

Personally, I think anything that improves the satisfaction / quality of life / happiness for anyone willing to play this amazing game, whatever their goals / reasons / desired outcomes, should be considered.

Those who are truly skilled and dedicated don’t need titles to reassure them of that (most top level players I know just use joke titles or ones that they find appropriate / humorous anyway, honestly can’t recall the last time I saw anyone rocking AOD, Penta, WoS, etc) and, if adding an easier way to acquire certain titles can retain some players / perhaps attract some new ones, then why the hell not?


It bleeds out public queues. :frowning:

This is probably the reason why it hasn’t happend yet. I sometimes wish there was a server browser.

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