I dont wanna get farmed

I’m just trying to get master of isic. I know they disabled matching or something. Is there a less painful way than getting farmed in pvp? All I need is 3 matches with kleenex.

“Play with X character” challenges can be done in PVE too. You don’t even have to play, it’s possible to load into hardcore mission and everyone jump off the cliff. If you play the whole mission, it’s important for that player to stay until the end - if he exits/disconnects, you don’t recieve progress in your challenge.

But PVP-specifical challenges can only be done in PVP at this moment.


I thought those were just pvp challenges?

If I can get it in pve that would be cool. Maybe it will hurt less than fingers and needles and powerdrills cuttiing my teeth and face bones.

I’d pay $60.00 for that.

PVP-only challenges are:

  • kill other battleborns (other players)
  • damage other battleborns
  • kill that one battleborn X times
  • assist/recieve assists in killing other battleborn
  • play/win on PVP map (maps)

These heroes can be mastered without stepping into PVP: Ambra, Caldy, Deande, Rath; Montana, Oscar Mike; Orendi, Reyna; ISIC, Marquis, Phoebe; Boldur, Mellka.

Good thing is devs are looking into making those lore challenges to be done in private PVP matches against bots. But I don’t think it will be soon.


Thanks maskrader. Intitially I had set out with toby. Then got slandered and all kinds of drama, because I suck…and I do. Not gonna lie. Cant get the double-kill with Toby.

But I just wanted to enjoy the game. …like I got it to have fun, and don’t care about being good? Maybe that concept is outdated and I should move on.

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Really, they do? Where did you get that intel?

Except Alani’s Lifeguard which could technicly be done in PvE, I have everything that’s not PvP done… only a few of PvP preventing me from getting that done.

If they really consider doing that I’m super glad to hear that.

Using Lore to get people into PvP wasn’t the best thing to begin with. If they really enable Private PvP for Lore progress that is great.

I might get into PvP if I don’t have to worry about my Pick and just take a chracter I want to play right now.

I feel your pain though.
Yesterday I thought “oh hey I want to master Whiskey Foxtrot and most of his lore must be done in PvP, guess I’ll do it during chaos rumble, can’t be that hard”. Well long story short, I had to lay down for eight hours after I got brutally murdered without getting any kills and almost no lore done.
Why in the hell is his lore so PvP extensive when he is so damn hard to use in PvP?!

im taking this one thanks. ■■■■■■■ kleenex.


Slandered with drama? What do you mean? Anyway, when I started using Toby, I couldn’t get any kills at all and I was brutally defeated match after match. I really, really, really liked Toby though. A penguin in a mechanical suit? Hell yes. The point is, I probably died at least 200 times as Toby before I finally got the hang of his strengths and weaknesses. It took at least 50 hours of playing as him after that to get the master of Toby title (it was back when you had to do get 10 double kills with his ultimate and his core discharge did way less damage).

I was getting raged at because I suck with Toby, by a few of the masses who play that pig-colored duck. I could name names, but that would be even worse than them.

Probably the match-making is the base of it; being a level 30 going against a premade of level 100’s, and an occasional 100 on my team with a mike, who rages at me because I suck with toby.

A double-kill with his super will never happen.

I’m aware I suck, anyway. Your post about 50 hours puts some perspective on it. I’d never spend that long getting my teeth drilled at the dentist office. Thats what the game feels like.

You don’t need to kill all 2 of them with the ultimate. You can kill someone with your normal laser pulse and then immediately switch to the ultimate, it’s much easier this way to get that lore challenge done.

The game itself is fun; it’s the players who are giving you a hard time. It wouldn’t have taken me that long if someone who is more experienced had been helping me. At first, I was stubbornly selecting the same helix options because I thought I had found something that sort of works, but after being more open about it, I found even better tactics.

Give the Toby section of the forums a good reading. There are still plenty of people who are willing to give advice and tips to anyone who asks. Oh, and that includes myself, of course. :grinning:

Here, I found that post:

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Oh, yea the game is awesome, I love it. Its my favorite game on this-gen of consoles. So I’m raging like a baby, rather than not-playing it :blush: I have read that about toby, but I still cant get it.

This link has a great discussion with a lot of Toby tips. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Jythri said he wanted to do it but it required a new system for marking lore challenges differently than title changes
Edit: Ninja’d. Also, if you happen to play on console, I highly reccomend grabbing a second controller if possible and just jumping off a ledge with another account over and over, getting lore challenges done (just realized this won’t be possible if you have never played with anyone else. But if you have an online friend it can still work

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he’s not, i’ve struggled with whiskey too, till i got used to him, figured out which loadout would fit him best, got some mutations and voila, whiskey turned to one of my deadliest battleborn!
he’s played best as assasin, not like OM, don’t try to AoE like OM, pick a target (someone who gets healed right now primary, supporters, kleese!) and burstfire the ■■■■ out of them! you can reveal with your scrap cannon, which does wound too which additionally ricochet like hell! i cann tell that its really really entertainingkilling kleese’s with his ult, pick the 100% shield pen helix iption and you can compelety ignore his rifts and shoot 75 bullets right trough his shields, mostly the die with 100% active shield xD
don’t give up on WF! take your time to get used to him and I promise, he’ll turn in one if your favourite BB!

p.s.: he also got the by far best Taunt! (Behold the T-Ceremony!!!)


Would be cool if it was part of the big update…

Right now I pretty much just goof around try to get the Lore in PvP.

If I don’t need to bother the online community with Lore Unlocks, I might come back playing characters more like they are supposed to and less for Lore unlock requirements.


Thanks for the tips!
I think I’ll level him up in privat first and use him when I’m more comfortable with how he works, read up some guides ect.
Luckily I love all Battleborn enough to not give up on them :’)


Breaking Character:

The way I see it, you paid for the game, that gives you a license to enjoy it same as everyone else.
When I get with a team that’s all up my ass, I finish out the match, exit the queue, and try to find another team that’s more chill.

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