I Don't Wanna Play Normal Mode... again

Yo gotta be real here. I’m on my 4th playthrough leveling up the last VH, Fl4k and I’m just not having a good time. Is there any downsides to if I just bump the difficulty down to easier mode because I’m just not enjoying the early leveling process for the 4th damn time. I really started leveling him to clear out my bank finally of all the low level legendaries I had to help with leveling up my Zane, to Amara, then Moze subsequent runs but dude… I really just not digging Fl4k. Fade Away Tree seems to be the only viable tree with some level of consistent survivability but other aspects are heavily reliant on the skill with its 45sec long cooldown. (thank god for Topped Off). Listen I’m not here to rant on any ones favorite character, I just wanna power through this boring early game really.

Unfortunately there is no way to “skipping” the leveling process at the moment. Maybe Gearbox will implement something in the future equal to BL2 but right now there is no work-around. TVHM doesnt become available until you finish the story on normal. The arenas dont become available until you finish the story or unlock the areas in which they are located.

Powerleveling is possible I suppose even with scaling. The killspeed provided by a decked out max character alone would ensure blitzing through the story (well sort of…cutscenes and scripted events will probably take longer then any kind of gameplay lol) so if you have any high level friends…thats your best bet to complete the story as quickly as possible