I enjoy The Pre-Sequel

Is it bad That I enjoy The Pre-Sequel more than Borderlands 2? I can finally be on the Moon, Use a Gun that shoots f*cking laser’s, and my favorite thing… I can finally be Darth Vader! (Laser guns + Cybernetics + Low Gravity)

In my Personal opinion I like The Pre-Sequel more than BL2, and the original BL.


Why be ashamed of your opinion? It’s just a game, and anyone who gets hostile at you for having a different opinion about a game is a complete moron that shouldn’t be allowed to have a keyboard. Just ignore the hate for this game and have fun.


Nope, not bad at all. I share that opinion.

IMO, it is the best BL game. The balancing is just right, and skills really synergize well. The 3D combat adds a whole other dimension to the gunplay, and the inclusion of lasers (and their parts system that I wish was on every weapon group) make this a really special game.

It just suffers from being too similar to BL2. There isn’t a lot to talk about or discover since its largely the same. It was also a bit shaky in the beginning.

But at this stage in its life, although there are still some things that could be better (certain mobs like the one in Titan Robot Facility respawning) it feels awesome to me. Which is funny considering tht I also hate some aspects of it the most :laughing:.


I don’t know, I just grew up always being ashamed of my opinion because of other people.

I love TPS too, it has improvements from BL2, the largest is giving the playable characters direction. I can’t tell you how boring and annoying it is to replay BL2 over and over again with different characters with nothing changing. TPS is begging me to replay, not just for a different gameplay experience but a different narrative experience…While BL2 only allows a different gameplay experience besides the HeadHunter DLCs.

The main problem I have with TPS is the voice acting…It actually gave me a headache to hear so many different stereotypical Australian accents.

Besides that, I love it.


I agree with you on that, I especially hate it when Springs starts talking in a southwestern accent, you do not know how much I am annoyed by that because i’m from southwestern USA

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[quote=“ninjagomaster312, post:4, topic:481332”]I don’t know, I just grew up always being ashamed of my opinion because of other people.[/quote]Dude - you have got to lock that down; that’s a recipe for some serious unhappiness.


Nah - it’s not bad at all. I enjoyed all 3 games immensely. I can see where someone might enjoy TPS the most - it has a lot of unique things that the other two don’t. Out of all the BL characters I think Athena is my favorite, very closely followed by Zer0, but I probably liked BL2 the most out of the 3 games (probably due to the DLCs more than anything else).

Nope, nothing wrong with that.

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No, if there was more content I’d probably be right there with you. I bounce back and forth between both games. That’s really my only complaint, I want more.

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Yes! Yes it’s bad. You should only enjoy things that other people prefer and not have your own personal taste. I suggest that the next time you want to display some form of individuality, you do so quietly where no one will hear you. People with different opinions are a source of problem.

Remember that good taste is a matter of consensus.

Go mainstream!


I like TPS over Borderlands 2, but still love them both. TPS has some fun mechanics and I like the storytelling in TPS. Borderlands 2 is a great game but I personally think TPS is greatter. As for people giving you grief over your personal choice, ignore them. They are silly individuals who need to stop gaining self esteem by arguing over video game preferences. Focus on what really matters, undergarment choices.

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There’s no reason to ever be ashamed of your own opinion (unless it’s blatant hate). I personally like it the least out of the main games for various reasons but that certainly doesn’t mean I going to be mad at you for the opposite - that’s the reaction of a childish mind.
Sadly, speaking your mind in some circles can spell trouble but this isn’t one of them. Be free and just enjoy your stay.


-_- really

I found myself enjoying the Pre-Sequel more than 2. Shame it didn’t get as much support as 2. I’m still willing to give my money to Gearbox for more DLC

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Silly question gets a silly answer.


agreed. TPS is my favorite of all 3.

I had to work when this popped up and I don’t post from the smart phone. Was gonna reply with “in before bad vibes from don’t panic” but I see I’m already too late.

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I really like TPS aswell, mainly cause of Athena, definitely my favourite playable character in Borderlands ever!

Also the Lasers are amazing, and i always wanted cold/freeze element guns in borderlands since 1, TPS finaly made it come true! :smile:

Edit: Also i forgot the Grinder, in BL2 i got so many Legendaries and Purples i didnt need or like, but it felt bad to sell them, so some of them just took up space, now i can actually have a chance to get something i want by using stuff that clutters up space! Also i prefer the damage Scaling in TPS alot more aswell


Not bad at all. The only reason I didn’t give your OP a like is that TPS is not my favorite. I certainly did like the game. But as with anything else, once the newness of the franchise’s concept wears away, the thrill is not the same. I think this subjective reaction is the biggest problem with the game, rather than anything objective.