I enjoy The Pre-Sequel

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TPS is a vast improvement over BL2 mechanically. It’s been made with the lessons learned from the mistakes made in BL2 so it’s a much better game when it comes to balance.

However, from a tinkering standpoint, there is much more to do with BL2, as some of the skills are so out of whack, and some of the guns offered are so unique that it allows for a wider range of builds.

I also prefer BL2’s pacing, story, map design and general atmosphere, but it’s just that: taste.

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Why would anything you enjoy be bad? But na the pre sequel is a great game. I still play it often. I never understood all the hate. Its more of borderlamds with some fresh new ideas. I mean you can’t go wrong. And now with all the fixes and dlc its even better.

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You shouldnt feel bad for liking TPS over BL2. In my eyes, both of those games are equal. Also, some of my all time favourite games are absolutely hated by some people. Dont let the opinions of other people dictate what games you should and should not play.

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I like them both :blush: !
I like BL1 as well but less then BL2 and TPS.

Oh and for those who haven’t tried Tales from the Borderlands, you really should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !

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TPS is an improvement over Borderlands 2. It just didn’t get all of the bells and whistles and hype and DLC. A few other initial factors about the game made it originally somewhat on the downside. In its present form, the game is quite good and with the addition of a few more DLC’s it would be absolutely as good as Borderlands 2

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I liked all three, a lot… I am still enjoying the pre-sequel after waaay too many hours. So many little improvements in TPS add up to be so satisfying. It simply isn’t as big as BL2 and doesn’t have all the DLCs.

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It’s not bad for you to like it more than the other games. To each their own opinion.
Like my own opinions, to me this is my favorite Borderlands game with 1 being second and 2 being last.
Don’t think for a minute that it’s wrong to like a flawed title like this at all, it’s human. :smile:

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Yeah, ngl, I think that as it is now after all the patches TPS is a really good game. All of the characters are fun to play, all of the bosses are fun to fight, all of the guns are fun to shoot!

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Tps did have a few perks bl2 didn’t have:

  • vh had personalities, the extra dialog in TVHM made it a extra perk and changed the game enough to make it feel different your second time through.
  • low gravity was fun and I miss it when I play bl2.
  • laser and cyro guns were a nice addition
  • moxxi drinks were interesting, they actually come in handy during sh4d0wtr4p fight.
  • it’s only dlc (claptastic voyage) is the best dlc of the series, easily.
  • skill sets were well done in tps
  • balancing was far and away better than bl2 especially in normal mode, I didn’t end up 4 levels above the main mission enemies by doing some side quests. It wasn’t perfect but it was better.

The problems with tps is:

  • my opinion of course, the humor was not on par with bl2 though the dlc was.
  • 6 month wait for them to fix an issue that was a dumb design in the first place (the concept of non respawnable bosses was just mind blowing as to why they decided this), granted it’s better late than never but it definitely hurt what little end game it had.
  • there wasn’t enough weapon changes, most of the guns were rehashed from bl2 under different names and they felt recycled. No new manufacturers or any new variety outside of freeze and laser weapons.
  • some stupid story decisions how they thought the story behind how jack gets his face messed up was a good idea is really beyond me. Someone must have been high that day.
(Plerpy) #30

I seriously, seriously disliked TPS when it came out. Got up to Concordia and never played again.

Started it up again when THC came out and it’s taken me a while to get into it but I really enjoy it now. As has been mentioned previously, the fact that the playable characters have sort of their own narrative now makes a HUGE difference. I think it was the Claptrap DLC that really sealed it for me that it was a good game. Not to mention TPS is way better performance wise on PS4 than it was on PS3. Good lord it was bad.

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There’s no shame in that. Most humans will actually alter their opinion in front of others so they don’t feel outcasts :slight_smile:

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