I enjoy the Toothpick but it chews through ammo like nothing else

Running this on my Hellborn Krieg, and it certainly wrecks OP10 red bar mobs, so far I’m enjoying it, the only problem is that I’m all out on AR ammo after 2 or 3 fights unless running a stockpile relic, meanwhile the other effervescent AR, the Peak Opener, feels flat out superior, in terms of both damage output and ammo efficiency.
Does the community patch team, by any chance, have a plan to slightly buff the Toothpick, e.g. by reducing its ammo consumption to 4 per shot? If so that would be pure awesomeness.

If you mean the UCP you’re better off asking on the discord for that.

Yes I meant the UCP, thanks for the suggestion. Btw do you mean ShadowEvil’s channel or is there a separate channel for the UCP?

I believe it’s that one. I’m not quite up to date on it, but as the one who did a lot toward setting it up his server is possibly the place you’ll get the best advice if you need to go elsewhere.

That looks like the right place. Thanks again!