I expected a little bit more from Gearbox in a few aspects

I find the game great, and own every borderlands since launch.

I think there are a few things which they aren’t doing correctly, and I’m here to point them out and complain about them not being adressed.

1-Lack of shift codes, they only released one on launch day, corresponding to the open beta community challenge. They said multiple times they would release more shift codes during launch, which is not happening. Even if they didn’t say it, I would have expected at least one or more shift codes by now.

2-Problems with patches, yet with all the experience they have from previous games. First problem is that it’s not quite clear if the patch has been deployed, and when. Looks like some changes from the battleplan have been implemented via hotfix, and some require a bigger real patch.

This is not updated, and should be, so it’s a legit thing to complain about:

The other info we have about the patch is in their battleplan (with no release date) or this sticky link on steam forums (…):

While many people knows the hotfix gone live, just by playing some nerfed char like ISIC or galilea, there’s still lots of people, threads etc, asking if patch has been live, if galilea nerf has already been applied etc. It’s easy to solve, just had to add a patch release date on their battleplan, or update the zendesk site which is exactly for this purpose.

And the other thing is about the already old tale of “we are awaiting for certification from microsoft or sony so we can push the patch for pc version”. I though this was the past? How many games do we play which have pc / xbox / playstation version and get the patches at different times? Many many. In this case, we know it’s very detrimental that PC patches are getting delayed by this reason, more when we have the lowest population, specific optimitzation problems (which I don’t suffer but they exist).

I don’t find any senseful explanation for this, I love gearbox, not as a blind fanboy, but they brought me some of the best gaming experiences, and even liked them as a team. I still do, but these problems I am mentioning should not have happened, and since they did, they should be fixed asap.

To sum up, the only things I demand and complain about here are:

1-More shift keys as promised by them / as excpected / as it normally happened with other borderlands games.

2-A clear and not confusing place where I can check which are the live patches or hotfixes, or the upcoming, a date for them when they mention in battleplan, at least when they know, as it happened with the hotfix we got this week, which is absent in their “patch and hotfix info site”.

3-Not having to wait for certification blabla on consoles, they can do it like bethesda with Fallout 4 with beta patches first on PC for example, or other formulas which they, as developers, should know better than me.

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You don’t get to demand anything. Your money bought you the game as-is. Period. If you bought the deluxe then you are owed DLC and new characters. Anything else that comes from Gearbox is at their discretion. The entitlement I see from people is absurd.

This isn’t Borderlands. It’s time people figured that out. It’s completely new IP, architecture, and infrastructure.


Actually, he does.

He paid for this game. This isn’t a F2P game. This wasn’t some 5$ game. This was a 60 to 80$ game, depending on the version he got.

He does have a voice, a legitimate one, he is a paying customer. I’m not going to shout the drivel the customer is always right, but he has a voice. I’m not saying Gearbox has to listen, but you saying he can’t complain or demand stuff is absolutely silly and makes you crazy-level fanboy.


The term you are looking for AmericanAlpha is Caveat Emptor. I didn’t buy til I bought the beta. Tried it, loved it, I have nearly 200 hours in with no end in sight.

Do others have grievances, Yes. But we are only two weeks in folks. I have heard all the complaints: Matchmaking sucks, where are my shift keys, nerf this character, buff that character.

Some of these will be fixed and soon but the Devs worked hard to get this out. They have lives. They want to see their families, drink a beer and play some Battleborn just like you. Give them a minute.

See you on Bliss.

That’s the kind of attitude you see from people who take no pride in their own work.

1.) It would be nice if they did, but I don’t really care that much.

2.) It’ll be nice if they had some kind of hotfix/patch calendar where you can see when they plan to go live with a patch and when a certain fix was applied. As long as the community can understand that a patch can delayed for numerous of reasons and that Gearbox is open with telling why that patch was delayed.

3.) As a PC player I don’t mind that they have us wait with the console. Because R6:Siege does the patch right away for PC and the console players will complain about it on the forum thinking they were suppose to get the patch as well. To save confusion with the console players, just put out all together.

Plus I’m uncertain what they’re back end architecture is, so not sure if there’s a design issue that will cause the patch to be together for all platform.


Actually, he doesn’t. Fact. The price of the game is irrelevant and the law backs up what I said.

You can state opinion all you want but keep it that way.

I am no fanboy, I just demand truth and both of you are providing the opposite. I don’t care even a little if that offends you.

He bought a Multiplayer game, which are constantly evolving. He may have even bought the Season Pass. He definitely does.

If I go buy a Fridge from Sears, and it dies after two weeks, and I say I expected better from G.E, and that they should improve upon it’s design / fix it so it works properly - Are you saying I can’t?

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Ofcourse he has a voice. That’s why there is an open forum here.

Now that’s something you’re just not entitled to by law. You can demand, but gearbox is not obliged to pay the demand any heed. People should demand less and give feedback more. Now, this thread is definitely not the worst in this sense. If he had just not uttered the word “demand” it would’ve been a perfect post in my view… But then he said it [demand] and imidiately lost a bunch of credibility and respect [from me and the guy you replied to].

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Hey, I agree that his arguments aren’t exactly sound, but there’s no need to call anyone a Nazi. That’s a very extreme and offensive comparison.

Not a fair analogy. If you buy a fridge from Sears and it does not cool passed a certain measure (srry, not versed in Fahrenheit) and you really want it to cool more than that certain amount, you can complain. Maybe sears is nice and gives you a refund or trade-in. You can’t however demand a mechanic to come over to overhaul your fridge so it does actually cool to the demanded degree.

Actually you can, it’s a service Sears offers. So kind of bad analogy on both our parts.

You have the right to say what you want.

Gearbox has the right to ignore you. They are not obligated to do anything.

If an appliance dies after 2 weeks you warranty it and get a new one. You don’t call Sears demanding they re-engineer the appliance. The correct analogy is buying an appliance and then not liking the menu system on the touchscreen and demanding they patch it to match what you thought you were getting. Wouldn’t happen.

Lol, well then… I’m not familiar with Sears… So they pimp up fridges? that’s weird… Anyway, you get the point I was trying to make I think. Battleborn works. It has some rough edges that are probably going to be fixed [or attempted to be fixed], but they’re not obliged to. It would be bad bussiness if they didn’t, but still, no obligation. You can get a refund if you bought it in a store (Steam’s refund policy is Steam’s bussiness, not GB’s) within a week. Other than that there are no obligations and to issue a demand is frankly nonesense. If I tell my teacher that I demand I get a redo on a missed deadline… It’s not going to happen is it? Now if I ask politely… there might be a chance I actually get to get that redo.

So my point is: people, please stop with the entitlement… Give feedback and ask politely, if you do it’s much more likely the devs are going to pay you any heed.

Battleborn isn’t an appliance. It’s a service. It’s not at ALL like “not liking a menu system.” Matchmaking is one of (if not THE) most important part in creating an enjoyable experience in a multiplayer videogame SERVICE. GBX claims to be a AAA company and they price the entry level into their service at the standard AAA price. Based on that I expect and will demand from the company I’m getting my service from that they meet the standards they explicitly and implicitly promised when they accepted my payment. Part of that is a matchmaking system that functions at least as well as other AAA priced games (it currently doesn’t come close) and part of it is to openly address the concerns of the player base which GBX has clearly stated is something that’s important to them.

Whether or not anyone’s legally entitled to a matchmaking fix is FAR beyond the point. Nobody’s saying they’re going to call the police if they don’t get their way. The demands were making are simply for some information and to have the game brought to the minimal standards of its AAA and lower competitors. If GBX is unable to meet those reasonable consumer demands of course there will be no legal repercussions for them, just repercussions to their future business with the customers who don’t feel they’re getting their moneys worth.

I’ll ignore the rest of your post, but it’s not entitlement as you say it. They’re paying customers, for a service. They do have a voice.

I’ve played free games, truly free games with none of that pay2win or insane grind that listen to their customers much better and improve the game.

No it’s not, it’s a product. World of Warcraft and any other game with monthly fees would qualify as a service. A one-off buy does not.

I refer you to the post above ^^^

ahh, dude, did you have to say that?.. Now your credibility is completely gone too…

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You need to take 10. You seem to have missed that this was a reply to someone else who made the appliance argument. You are letting your anger sully your thinking.

Also, what I said? Fact.