I fear for this game's future

I’ve seen what this game has to offer, and I’m rather excited. However, there are a couple of things that worry me, and a few more that keep me from pre-ordering.

  1. pre-ordering has always been risky business, and something that should be a rarity. The fact that Gearbox once upon a time made Aliens: Colonel Marines doesn’t help. There also appears to be features that could be monetized. If the game dropped dramatically in price, this would be somewhat okay, but still kinda scummy.

  2. There appears to be a lack of… Ehem, ‘certain online works’ of this game. That’s usually a good indicator of how many people know and/or care about the game. The lack of it disturbs and worries me.

  3. The obvious one, it’s being released on the day of the Overwatch open beta. If I were gearbox, I’d push the date until a few days after the beta, maybe the 13th.

  4. The Hero Shooter genre is, all in all, a risky genre. Look at Monday Night Combat. If Battleborn is to be successful, it needs one hell of a marketing campaign.

tl;dr This game might end up dead on arrival.

Sounds like you measure a game by the amount of hentai that is drawn about it.:grin:
I don’t think they should act like they are afraid of the overwatch beta
but I share some worrys about the size of the fanbase.


If you’re worried about pre-ordering, don’t do it. The open beta is coming up soon and will show you a glimpse of the future of the game. I myself am in the EA preview and I think the game will do fine. Why guess when you will know soon?

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It’s a relative estimate.

Almost everything about the game is great, but as stated previously, it’s in a genre that doesn’t have a good history, and it needs a damn good marketing campaign in order to be successful, and just judging by the little bit…


Me not pre-ordering has nothing to do with me not knowing the game and everything to do with the longevity of the game and Aliens: Colonel Marines.

I don’t think aliens is a good measure. If I understand correctly, they pretty much salvaged the game from the previous developers. Same with Duke nukem. Borderland’s 1 & 2 are better judgment for their work.


Cool. You’ll know in a few days when you play the game, then.

Still, what they did with the game was actually quite illegal. They showed demos of the game that did not accurately represent the end product, and because of that, it topped sales charts and was given heavily negative reviews.

Many people have problems with gearbox for the mentioned titles but I only know the Borderlands series from them and it was fun as heal, Battleborn has the same genre, close artstyle and humor so I just assume I get at least the quality of the borderlands parts witch will be ok … a long as they dont have all this ausi accent :slight_smile:


Gamers can expect five more heroes hitting after launch – completely FREE – for all platforms, bringing the total roster to 30! And that’s just the beginning of many free updates we’re planning. Competitive multiplayer modes, maps, balance updates, and community features will also be free."


Battleborn’s universe is vast, and we’re happy to say it’ll continue expanding via five new add-on packs. Those that are familiar with Borderlands post-launch content over the years should feel right at home with Battleborn’s add-on packs, each pack will cost $4.99 and include one new Story Operation, as well as exclusive hero skins and taunts."

Their monetizing plan seems good to me.


I was refering to Gear packs, or whatever they were. They look like they could easily be made into micro transactions.

No idea what they are, but I presume they’d be random gear, and listening to those with early access to the beta they’re getting some pretty awesome gear pretty easily by just playing. It could turn into that, but I don’t think it’ll be too bad if gear collection stays relatively the same as it is now.

And overwatch can easily add a pay 10€ per month to play rule.
Both will not do it because of shitstorm reasons.

I don’t know much of that game (truth be told it is the only GBX game I’ve never played), but demos come with a warning that says the end game may be incredibly different. Even in cases where they don’t, it is assumed so.

Actually, any and all entertainment goods are caveat emptor when it comes to demo product vs the final product.

You can argue over terms like it being “unethical”, “unfair”, or anything else of the sort.

But it is 100% sound legally, of that I can damn near assure you. People have gone to court over it and lost over and over again. So long as an aspect isn’t featured in an official advertisement speaking of the end product, or the box itself, it isn’t considered false advertising as courts have deemed that “initial ambitions” aren’t binding.

Let me give you a loose analogy;

A contractor in an interview says he could probably build something twice as big as Caesar’s Palace and Resort and twice as beautiful with 1/2 the funds, and advertises ways his company could “in theory” do it. If you go up to him and he charges the exact same amount as anyone else, than the agreement of sale/service doesn’t occur until the terms are met. Saying “Hell, I could do __________!” Isn’t a binding statement, and demos are often seen as such.

I used to remember the specific common law case I’m referring to (strictly US law) but I couldn’t remember it now if you held a gun up to my head.

On the topic itself, BL1&2 would be far better indicators, if you ask me.


They got sued for it.

“The suit, filed in April 2013 by Roger Damion Perrine and John Locke on behalf of a class, claimed that Gearbox and Sega falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines by showing demos at trade shows like PAX and E3 that were not ultimately accurate representations of the final product. Sega has suggested settling the lawsuit from their part and agreed to pay 1.25 million dollars.”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliens:_Colonial_Marines#cite_note-41 in the Lawsuit section.

Fully aware of that mate, and settlements for these kind of class actions disputes are usually well within the interest of the company. As it prevents further suits and far more than the settlement would’ve meant.

Notice who settled in the end.

That would’ve prevented an innumerable amount of legal fees, and the only people who won out are the lawyers.

Edit:( Also, settlements do not affect civil common law just as an FYI for anyone reading who may not have known.)

In their position I would’ve instantly settled.

Not reading the responses so far, just responding to the initial post:

  1. I can’t think of a major release since the PS2/XBox era that HASN’T done preorders! What are you talking about? This game SHOULD be $60 and Overwatch SHOULDN’T be $60… Hell, Overwatch is basically releasing with the same amount of content (albeit a few more unbalanced characters) as Team Fortress 2, a game which was included FREE with the Orange Box and never priced solo for more than $20. Not to mention the fact that Battleborn is not going to have ANY microtransactions. There will be DLC, but that’s to be expected of any game released now days. I believe the DLC will be just new characters. As I have read and heard, Story updates will be free updates, but we’ll have to see. Adding in DLC which limits playable content for people in a PvP game splits the community and kills the matchfinding, so I don’t think this will happen.

  2. No idea what you are talking about. If you google Battleborn Fan Art, quite a lot of stuff shows up. If you are looking for Rule 34 stuff, you need to seriously go reflect on your life.

  3. You have this wrong. Overwatch beta is being dumped on Battleborn’s release date. Battleborn’s release date was set WAY before Blizzard decided to dump the Overwatch beta. Blizzard was looking for a way to destroy Battleborn because they realize it represents solid competition, so they want to kill it during the release day by making sure no one can find games. They think they will steal enough players from launch day that the game find queues will be enormous representing an early death for Battleborn. It won’t happen. If anything, it will make it so we don’t all have day 1 server queue issues.

  4. Monday Night Combat was released by a small game company, it was released like Overwatch with no campaign mode (which makes sense for what it is), and it didn’t have a publisher that could build a hype machine behind it. The map design was good, but not stellar, and the characters were sort of bland. Overall, it was a decent game, but nothing with the staying power of a game like Team Fortress 2. Battleborn has a lot of hype and a lot of following. It has received backing in videos from streamers like TotalBiscuit (who loved the concept of Monday Night Combat).

Here’s how the Battleborn v Overwatch argument goes: If you like competitive games with higher skill ceilings and requiring more teamwork, you will go Battleborn. If you like coop PvM games with raid boss style fights and multiple difficulty challanges, you will go Battleborn. If you like objective based combat which requires no team coordination where objectives are completed through, more or less, a chaotic fluster-cuck, you’ll go Overwatch. To each his own, I prefer skill based games and plan on being competitive in Battleborn.


To clarify for you on your number 1:
There are no microtransactions (ever according to gbx) so you are correct.
There will be 5 dlc characters and numerous maps given to us for free
There will be 5 dlc missions for PvE campaign (packaged with extra skins and taunts) for $5 each.

  1. I’m saying people pre-ordering should be a rarity. It’s a well known fact that pre-ordering is extremely risky with little to no benefit in the long run (and even the short run, in some cases). When I was talking about monetization, I was referring to the… gear system, I think it was, where it really looks like you could implement microtransactions. If that happens at launch, they lost my sale.

  2. Yes, I was talking about R34. No, I was not looking to fap. Generally speaking, you can tell how well known/cared for a game is simply by looking for that. If there’s none, we have a problem.

  3. Reguardless, I still think they should adjust the date. Bit risky to release it then.

  4. It is speculated the game died due to the lack of decent marketing. With Hero Shooters, especially stylized ones, a great marketing plan is essential for success. You need to differentiate it from games like Team Fortress 2, or else people will think ‘why buy a $60 game when I can get the same thing for free here?’. Whether that thought is correct or not is irrelevant, and it’s up to marketing to get the message across that this isn’t TF2.0

You’ve got it backwards. Characters are free updates and story missions are dlc. There will be no pay to play. You seem pretty well informed but due to this rather large mistake you may want to learn a bit more to attempt to settle your fears. I may have watched every Battleborn video on YouTube (my recomendations aren’t even in English anymore) and I can’t think of one person who played the game and wasn’t at least overall happy. I think you’ll see a similar reaction to BL1 and slowly as people realize it’s really good it will get huge. Also were getting so close to open beta that it seems silly to speculate stuff when we will know very soon.