I fear losing the greatness

with everyone talking of new levels coming i am overcome with a sense of dread
for i possess an awesomeness that i am unaware on how to farm

I have a level 50 Anointed diamond butt bomb

Just running around with friends and phasegrasping enemies and hitting them with butt stallion is amazing and new levels will still this joy from me. Right now i get one back after every grasp and it is epic. New levels will leave my poor butt stallion underpowered even more than it currently is and that is sad.

Lol I mean hopefully new levels bring dedicated loot sources. Pour some out for gravewards 300 generations of family members I have murdered.

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so to stay with your analogy you consider yourself a one trick pony but dont fear, a lil persistence on your part will ensure you dont lose the greatness :slight_smile:

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