I feel bad for Nakayama, his senpai doesn't notice him

Seriously, why is he so obsessed over Jack? I don’t know who is more obsessed, me or him…


I absolutely LOVED that questline. xD

Wilhelm only made it all the more hilarious.

“Some scientist wants to diddle Jack. Asked you to paint something.”

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This meme. This meme right here.
In the words of Tina, “Shawty, you da bes’. You da, you da bes’.”

“Oh Jack, my senpai, y u no notice me? Maybe if I get a Claptrap to draw for me he will notice me. -starry eyed-”

So is he heart broken, or just in denial when Nisha hooks up with Jack?

Also, when I first played through Big Game Hunt in 2, my co op partner and I were laughing quite hard at Nakayama’s general ineptitude at being a mad scientist villain. Sadly, I was never able to get him to buy TPS even when I told him Nakayama makes an appearance.

I don’t think having a character make a come back in a new game would get me to buy it either.

Seeing as I’ve gone insane over Jack for some reason, bringing him back in a game besides Tales prolly would make me feel better… Hell, by the looks of it, I’m MUCH more obsessed over Jack than Nakayama… Dunno if I should get something off my chest about this too…