I feel bad for the pc gamers

This is only the second time I can remember feeling bad for PC gamers ( the other being arkham knight) i really feel bad for them bc this game is amazing but most of that crowd dont get to enjoy it as much as i do due to not enough people playing the game. I usually dont feel bad for PC gamers bc you guys clearly have the superior hardware (and your not afraid to point that out to us console guys lol) but in this case i feel for you. I’ve heard stories of 30 min wait times to play a game and stuff like that n idk if i could be as patient as some of you are. I really hope GBX can get more people on all systems but especially on the PC, and if they do save this game on PC you guys should be rewarded somehow for sticking through the bad times.

Sorry kinda long and not really in game related just wanted to show some love to the ones who love this game but are having troubles with this great game. I genuinely hope it gets better for you guys, well all of us really, but especially you guys

eh, I just dropped the game, I had to decide between playing a laggy match in us servers (wich are not much more populated than europe) and waiting in queue for way too long on the european servers, I honestly don’t want to waste my time so I just left considering gearbox doesn’t care about the pc version (still fps problems from the launch).

Maybe they’ll be able to fix some issues and get some of the players back…it seems like ever since the new Gen consoles came out alot of devs are more worried about them than PC

I’m pretty sure Gearbox DOES care about the PC version as well as both console versions. I get why you have that sentiment, but I can only imagine (since I don’t really know) that due to the nature of PCs and their infinite configurations, that they’re a bit harder to hone in on what actually causes those kinds of issues.

It does suck that you had to deal with the long queues, hopefully Gearbox/2K have efforts underway to improve that sort of scenario.

Eh I don’t think BB on pc can recover from the loss, 2K (or gearbox, I have no idea) decided to link all 3 copies of the game (xbox, ps and pc) so a patch needs to be out for every platform, they can’t work on pc-only patches, and this seems like a bad, bad idea… look warframe, pc is 2 (I think) patches in front of the console versions, apparently because both sony and microsoft need to check and approve the patch before it’s released…
All the marketing side of this game has been handled soooo bad, especially for the pc version, so I guess there’s nothing more to do other than leave and hope that later gearbox can pull off some kind ffxiv move or something.

Yea your probably right the consoles are probably just easier to figure out because everybody has the same hardware opposed to the thousands of configurations you can have with a PC…idk I’m not a PC gamer that was just my impressions from talkin to friends who play on PC

I’ve only had to wait more than 5mins for a match once and most are sub 2min wait times.

Yeah I’m on pc.

? Prove to me xbone and PS4 have more players than PC.

also, many PC players having no problems at all.

Randy V said in an interview that the consoles have larger player bases than PC

Also friendly reminder to everyone platform wars are not allowed so lets keep this clean please.

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ty ty.

It would still interest me to see actual numbers. if PC is 1500 and ps4 is 2000, it’s not really a problem that needs to be talked about so much.

No war intended. I just keep hearing people say PC has less players, but no one has actual numbers(steam obviously shows PC numbers). I fear people are just spreading rumors, trying to stop mis-information.

Gearbox chose to release content across platforms at the same time, because they believe it’s the right thing to do. And sometimes, with PCs being the complicated beasts they are, pc development can actually hold things up for the consoles. That’s already happened for BB. So…things aren’t always as they are portrayed.

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I don´t think this topic was connected to accurate playercharts or numbers, more to the point that far more PC-gamers seem to have issues & problems with BB on their rigs. Its no console war of playernumbers here.

Since the launch I saw about 85% of the complaints coming from PC-gamers, while the complaints from consoleros are rather rare.
As the OP I deeply wish for a better experience for the PC-gamers. I know plenty who have no issues at all, but many do.

I´m looking foward to the next Battleplans and hope they´ll find a way to enhence the experience, especially the PvP-matchmaking, which most are complaining about.

…Couldn’t find any players this morning, Normal or advanced.
So I gave it a go on PvP private with the bots, just the bots and me.
Ambra bot on the enemy team was so mean, as Mellka if I actually hurt Ambra enough she would run away, fast.

At the moment the only real issues are two: 1) the fps thing, I don’t have any fps problem but many players reported big fps drops and 2) the extremely low population, players are dropping daily because patches are late, today it was 818 or something like that.
The broken release scared away a lot of players too and gearbox is not doing enough to bring them back… they could change some game mechanics regarding matchmaking but they’d ahve to change it on consoles too so it’s a no no.
The only thing that can save the game on pc is a big announcement followed by a big patch and free weekend or something like that.

I feel like some people may be exaggerating a little bit. While i can believe that you may get a 30 min queue at 2am, it seems odd one person can have 30 min queues consistently, while another rarely goes over 5 mins. (leaning more towards the 5 min crowd exaggerating)

My experience on ps4 isnt all that different from what people describe on PC. I generally play from 6-9 pm (west coast) and it takes me about 10-15 mins to find a game on incursion or metldown most times.

Echelon is still a laggy mess, but its hard to tell because the map comes up so little, i think i have played it maybe 10 times out of my 200+ matches. At this point i feel like they should just remove it.

Also to say the game had a broken release is completely false. While it may have had a couple (small) hiccups, to call it broken is just downright untrue. If this is a broken release what do you call SimCity, a game release that was so bad EA had to give out a choice of 5 games, most of which retailed for about $40, for free to everyone who purchased the game in the first month.

Mhh, as far as I see the patches & hotfixes always came on the exact date GBX told us. Of couse 24hours are a long span, but I don´t think its “late” if the patch comes out within the 20st hour instead of hour 1.
Also GBX is limited in what they can actually change with a hotfix or patch + it has to be released on all consoles, which takes a bit more time.

Is´nt it that these numbers only show the players currently online at the same time you make the inquiry? So there were 818 people online in the exact minute you looked up the numbers. I bet there are far more BB-players online within a full day of 24 hours.

Of course I hope there´ll come more to play BB, but negativity is not the best advertisement.
I got 2 people to buy BB for PC because I told about the cool characters. I bet they had not bought the game if I told them about horrible population and bad matchmaking…

As for pulling in new recruts: I hope they´ll do a second “Open Beta”, maybe a short weekend so undecided people can test the game and purchase it afterwards. Maybe they can get a skin too, some like cosmetics alot. So free test weekend + a special skin/taunt when they purchase the game afterwards.

The only numbers we have access to are the steam database numbers. On PC the player base dropped from 12,000 to ~1000-2000 in a month. I haven’t had any real trouble with queues, but they have certainly been longer than other games I play.

On June 1st ~2100 logged on

funnnily enough I have the lowest wait time after midnight when all the japanese players get on…Ive made several japanese freinds despite the language barrier…I understand and speak a little as do they but for english, Its really nice though.

It takes 10-15 min to find a game on ps4? I’m on ps4 (east coast) I usually play late night n the longest I’ve had to wait is maybe 5 min its usually more like 2-3 min…I just realized that kinda seemed like I don’t believe you that’s not the case, just surprised me a lil bit lol

I dunno. I might queue a bit longer, but I’ve had 4 or 5 fantastic games today. Really fun, close games.

In one we were a sentry down with 30 seconds to go. We piled forward, took out their team and managed to kill their sentry with a second to go.

We won on average player score. Fantastic game.

Just had a 4v4 that went up and down the whole game. They took first blood and got our sentry down to the 70s, then we came back and destroyed theirs in a couple of goes. It was a nervy end as they put in one last huge assault on our sentry. Another game that finished 50-50 and we won on APS.

Truthfully, the waits have been less than 10 minutes with a couple of thousand players online. But, yeah, when the numbers are down (in the morning) it can be a lot longer. I waited 50 minutes for my first game today. :cry:

This is the most fun day I’ve had of Battleborn in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the sympathy though.

At the end of the day we’re true Battleborn. I love this game too much to let a mere queue stop me in my tracks.

Besides, I’m British. Queueing is in my blood. I just pretend I’m in the Post Office. :flag_gb: