I feel bad for the pc gamers

Thanks alot for the link and more detailed numbers! :slight_smile: As XBox consolero its a bit hard to see how the playerbase fades away on PC…

All I´d wanted to say is: Pointing out the lack of players is first a welcome feedback. But after 4 weeks of constant “BB is dying” topics this former (productive)feedback grows into a statement that scares off new players.
They visit the forums and read all these topics, I´d guess their first thought is “Shall I buy a game that is dead already?” And then they will not buy it.
So this concern & its feedback scares off new customers far more than it does any good or productive.

In the end: I know theres an issue in playernumbers and I bet my left brains hemisphere that GBX does know it as well.
Lets just wait and see if there´ll be an advertising campaign that can pull in more people. But in the end GBX cannot force people to play.

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I agree with everything you just said. I try to be as positive as I can, but feel I have to point some things out.

This morning I must admit to feeling very negative, but (and as you can read above) this afternoon’s Battleborn has been absolutely fantastic. Best games I’ve had for some time.

Battleborn is a truly fantastic game and it IS going to last a long, long time. I’ve always had a great deal of faith in the lads and lassies at Gearbox, but how can I not have even more after such a fun day of Battleborn.

Been up 20 hours now though, so I think a break’s in order. :sleeping:


I’ve been playing a handful of matches every night after work. Mostly incursion and meltdown, all solo queue.

Never had a queue over 5 minutes.

PC, West Coast, USA

With all the doom and gloom coming from the PC players you’d think they are trying to drive off the remaining playerbase and drive the game into an early grave.

How can you say that the data I sent you is formerly productive when you didn’t know the numbers yourself? If you’re a consumer, you deserve to know all available information on a product you’re buying.

I bet everyone has his/her “negative days” or moments, thats normal^^ And feedback is always wanted, as long its no personal rant or a simple rage text.

I´ve just the feeling many people concentrate on their negative experiences a bit to much… this ruins the fun for them, which is simply sad. If I had a real bad mission/match/incident with cursing mates I try to take a deep breath, scream out of my window and start the next round :smiley: (Also I try to keep my mic out…noone wants to hear me cursing myself…)

Playernumbers are important for sure, but they are in a constant flux and hard to contain. Many games start with very low playercouns, some start big and fade away as soon as they sprung up… All we can do is being patient and make the best of the time :heart:

Ohhh, I feel you, have a bad tinnutus keeping me awake -.- Good night fella!

With so many ‘Battleborn is dying’ threads here and on the Steam forums one can’t help but be a bit suspicious as to whether these are false flag operations. Is Battleborn doing badly? Where’s the evidence for that? And the evidence that’s been provided has been quite flawed to say the least, often due to misunderstandings about how numbers work (mostly in systems like Steam charts).

Yeah, it was much more obvious over on the Steam forums when someone was going for a false flag operation, but here they’d have to be more sly about it. Now, either some people are believing this for misguided reasons, or some people just can’t stand seeing others have fun with something they like???

One is unfortunate but forgiveable, the other is… just sad.

Sorry, but that’s just harsh. It’s also about as far from the truth as anyone could get. You’ll find we’re a passionate community when it comes to Battleborn. We do believe in pointing out what needs to be said though.

Sure there are those that we’d call the black sheep, but we’re damn sure we want this game to live.

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That’s good then. But you might want to find a better way to help the community grow. All the doom and gloom isn’t very encouraging to say the least. At any rate I think things are going to be in a bit of a limbo while we wait on certain fixes and updates. There is absolutely nothing we can do really until those things happen. Once they do happen I am confident the game will find its footing.

I´m more of an outsider regarding Steam-playernumbers, so I try to get all info I can to make myself a picture of the situation. Yes I try to find them out myself, but as a non-steam-person its rather confusing.
Many people are posting numbers, but most do not post daily playernumbers, but momentarily numbers. So I found it rather usefull to have the daily data you posted to me.

Of course, same opinion. Did I said something against it at any point? o.o
I don´t see that someones tries to hide infos regarding playernumbers or other issues and problems, I mean were discussing it right now… Sorry, I´m rather confused now.

Explain how my evidence is flawed I’ve compared Battleborn to other PC sales in this thread: Your attitude matters

I feel the reddit is very much hope and joy. I’d hasten to say that reddit is predominantly PC players too…or at least that’s what I’ve seen written.

I’ve also had my moments where I’ve argued with those that I felt to be far too gloom and doom. I remember one particular thread where I got rather downvoted for telling people to be positive. So like I said, the black sheep do exist.

I still think it’s harsh to label us so, because, in my impression, the positivity has outweighed the negativity. Just one view of Lftstrafe Battleborn’s recent video on the future of Battleborn sums us up, I think.

But I will say I have concerns about some queue times and what new users will make of them. It’s only natural to feel that way.

But overall I hope to see many happy months of Battleborn…years maybe. As for finding a way to help the community grow, well I’m not sure what we, as PC gamers really can do other than what we do do. I include answering misinformation on various forums, welcoming new users to our community on reddit and generally posting the positives. We’ll never shy away from constructive criticism though. It always has a place.

There’s one other thing I can think of. Ain’t got a PC, have ya? :blyoohoo: :grin:

There are if you add them up. The problem is the numbers during the time you play. There may be 6000 players online over the course of 24 hours, but it doesn’t do any good if there’s 1500 on at one time.
I started a single player mission today and was grouped with one other person. One person…
The consoles are doing quite well. It’s PC’s that, despite awesome looking initial sales, have the low pop causing the headaches.
As for the wait times, I don’t have 10 or 20 minute waits because 5 minutes is my patience and practical time limit. I move to a new mode or co-op and try my luck again.
They need a free week along side the 40% off sale for the PC. I don’t care if other people can snag the game for that deep a discount, as long as I can actually hop right into a game and play!
I also feel bad for GB because it’s the publisher’s job to get this really fun and addicting game out there and in the hands of the players. There’s only so much GB can do on that front.

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This wasn’t supposed to be a BB is dying thread (although it seems to be turning into one) it was supposed to be me showing a lil love for the ones on PC who are struggling to find games and are being patient (more than I can say I would be) and sticking it out bc they love this game and what it has to offer. This is an awesome game n I want everybody to able to enjoy it as much as I do n I don’t think I would enjoy as much if I was waiting longer than I was playing…just recognizing the ones that are sticking it out that’s all


On the website there are three large numbers on the left. The 1st number describes players online (1795 currently). The next number describes the 24 hour peak of players (2135). The last number is the all-time peak of numbers (12101).

See [quote=“Ganjamira, post:22, topic:1493909”]
They visit the forums and read all these topics, I´d guess their first thought is “Shall I buy a game that is dead already?” And then they will not buy it. So this concern & its feedback scares off new customers far more than it does any good or productive.

You say here that because my concern and its feedback will not contribute to more people buying the game, it isn’t doing anything good or productive.

You are forgetting the most important and the only real #1 issue - control issues. Everything else (graphics, balance, maps, skins) comes after that. You can play if you get occasional stuttering and have working controls. But if you don’t have working controls, you struggle with the game no matter the fps count or champion balance. That is what is killing this game on PC and will kill it if GBX won’t deal with that. After 150 hours on PC I am starting to struggle playing this game anymore because I’m getting fed up with having to deal with such controls.

As a comparison (this time I managed to record a smooth 60fps video…found the settings in the application) between Battleborn and Counter-Strike. Even Battlefield that has full kinematic bullets is very similar in performance to Counter Strike and Call of Duty. Professional and competitive players are expecting up-to standard PC mouse and keyboard controls such as before mentioned games. You simply cannot trail a target in Battleborn like you can in other FPS games just because of that problem. And because of that, people are jumping around like rabbits - Jumperborn.

I bet many FPS players who wanted to try the game probably left during Open Beta because of this same reason and no avalanche of marketing will change or attract players back unless they fix this and then launch a marketing campaign about the revamped über controls and only then can they expect people to come (new) and come back (old).

I play on both PC and PS4. I mainly play on PC as I have more friends who play on PC and they tend to be on more frequently. I’d play on PS4 more often if the people I play with there were on more often. I tell them to send me a message on Discord to let me know they’re on and looking to play but it’s been quiet lately on that front. I have a Command Rank of 71 on PC and probably about 15 on PS4.

At any rate I haven’t had any trouble finding matches online. The matchmaking is a little wonky when pairing up pre-mades and I tend to get stomped because the people I play with tend to be more skilled than I am so I am getting matched up against players of greater skill. Versus anyway. I primarily play Story but when the people I usually play with want to do Versus then it’s either that or solo and I’m not much for soloing.

I haven’t had any problems with graphics or frame rates. I have a relatively good PC so that might be why. All in all my experience has been good. Not always, but overall. If I was having problems I’d just take a break from things while the developers worked on things and come back after a bit and see how things are shaping up. You can’t always know how things are going to turn out.

Different developers do different things an you can’t always count on them to do the right things. Gearbox though I trust. My time with them has shown me that they are one of the few companies out there who really do care about our experience with their games. Enough that I know that they probably share in our frustrations with many of the problems with the game.

I think a lot of the problems that the game is facing right now have a lot more to do with our current social environment than any of the smaller problems with the game itself. The problems with the game can be fixed. I’m not so sure about society.

Can only thank you again for the link, its bookmarked for future research.

I see, but I did not ment your concerns and its feedback, more the huge uppiling number of topics regarding similar concerns. Its absolutely okay to raise your concerns & to provide feedback - thats a fact I want to state before this derails.
But its also scaring off new customers when they face the huge mass of these concerns. I think both are facts.

  • Feedback = wanted, no matter if positive or negative.
  • Masses of negative Topics = could scare off new players who visit the forums first. “could” is the word I should have included in my OP.

As said, I was referring to the huge amount of often redundantly brought up concerns. Its great to have 3-5 topics about playernumbers & matchmaking, at best with a good discussion and debate going on in there. But over 50? Yes all 50 OPs are right. But 50 times the same negative feedback will look like a wall of negativity from outside. Thats all I ment.

To @bgfarmer85 I´m so sorry your positiv topic derailed so fast…It was nice to read I´m not alone when I hope for PC-gamers to have a better experience! :heart:

xbox one game under 1 min. also gave a 100 mbps connection. no lag or worries ever.

@Ganjamira I should known how this thread would go lol I’ve been around gaming forums long enough at least there’s a couple of people who are posting actual numbers trying to educate people on the numbers instead of just rambling about how bad the game is doing. I have faith this game will be around for a long time GBX is great at giving good dlcs that get people interested