I feel bad for the pc gamers

False flag, the evidence being flawed, really?

In regards to the evidence (steamspy/official steam stats) what is misunderstood? The game has 120k~ owners on steam, at its peak it had 12k~ concurrent players which has steadily dropped (with variations on weekends and events) to around 2.5k~ concurrent players. As BB PC version is done entirely through steam it shows a very low constant playerbase which is the stat that really matters. Owners and players per week mean nothing if they aren’t playing at the same time.

As for all the threads about the playerbase being false flags, it is pretty ridiculous the evidence (as mentioned) is there and as much as I love BB and wish it to do well denying the data (and my own personal anecdotes of greater match waiting times) is… just sad.

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Sorry, I’m not sure why I wrongly assumed you to be a console player. The ‘ain’t got a PC, have ya?’ was meant in jest.

I do agree with you about Gearbox. I feel they really care too, and I’m sure they’d be devastated should Battleborn really struggle. That’s why I know they’ll do everything in their power to make it successful.

If I ever do post anything echoing my concern, know that I do it regrettably. Criticism can be posted without going overboard.

Of course ‘socially’ there’s a limit to what the community can do to ensure the game’s success. However much we’re positive and encouraging, it still comes down to newcomers wanting to stay on board. Thankfully the number of lower levels in game gives me hope, but similarly so the number of people dropping from matchmaking when queues are long in the mornings does concern me.

One ‘route to success’ I have believed in fully is having a ‘free weekend’ on Steam. I think it would do wonders for Battleborn. That’s not something the community can push other than to suggest it.

I have faith Gearbox are on it though.

Long live Battleborn!

I agree, but I think they need to roll out a few more fixes before they start having free weekends because if they want to draw in and keep new players they need to put their best foot forwards. I also wouldn’t mind seeing something for those people who were loyal and stuck around through all of the growing pains as way of thanks for toughing it out. Then again, things haven’t really been tough for me at all so I don’t really need anything beside more Battleborn.

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Good points.

I’d love a special skin for my chosen character that will only be available to the special few who stuck around. That’d be nice. Even a title would show that we stuck with it. I think the players joining now, and helping to build a community deserve thanks too.

Anyway, have to drag myself away from this discussion. Been interesting but tiredness is starting to win. No one should ever work nights…:anguished:

Do not fret for PC.

Steam Sale is coming.

If they get at least one good performance patch in before then, release a free trial along with a discounted purchase, numbers will come right back up.

Exactly this. The important number is the average number online at any given time. The sum of all users for 24 hours means little to the people that have a pool of 800 people to play with at any given time. It’s just an inflated number to feel good. Once you start filtering downward, things start to look kinda dire.

This also doesn’t take into account regions. If you play on off hours for your region that number is even smaller. You can also remove users that only play PVE or PVP with bots instead of other players.

I consider myself a PC gamer. But I’m really glad I got BB on PS4 even though i think it would be better on PC because of the keyboard and mouse.

After all the years of having to hear about how superior PC gaming is, PC Master Race, etc. I really don’t feel bad for them lol.

For the record I game on both console and PC, but I am primarily a console gamer and save the PC for games like Starcraft, Total War, etc.

You would think that, but in actuality this is the first FPS I’ve experienced that’s actually worse on PC than on console. The game isn’t fully optimized so the controls are not up to par unless you’re running a very high end PC.

I already know there will be a vocal minority who will exclaim they don’t have a high end PC and aren’t experiencing problems. That’s fine, but as you, I, and the majority of players on the forums have read and those on the PC who have experienced, there’s lag, missions like sabetour (and I’ve heard renegade) have extreme big frame drops. Couple that with a very low population after a couple weeks of the release, and you’ve got yourself a good time.

I really do like this game, and want it to thrive, but there’s so much that needs to be done to bring it back to a better place. I’m a patient man, but I just don’t want them to fix one problem and create 5 more.

Dam straight, just like I (and other I know) did with SMNC.

We sure wanted the game to continue and succeed but also we were frank and honest when describing the product (meaning not always saying positive things). At the end Uber didn’t act fast enough or just didn’t listen and the game died.

Here me and friends want the game to succeed, we love this game but we are not going to sugar coat the faults that really bother most of the people.

so… have some numbers. I ran 3 (or 4) PvP matches this afternoon, between 1:30 and 3:00pm local time, west Coast, USA. Hardly peak hours. Just to properly document the queue times.

Here you go:

1:30pm - Incursion
-4:15 : 5/10 Team complete, and someone dropped
-4:45 : 5/10 Team complete again, waiting on opponent
-8:15 : 10/10 Ready - Assembling Game (picking map and characters)

2:05pm - Capture
-3:10 : Team 4/5, someone dropped
-4:40 : 5/10 Team complete, waiting on opponent
-7:00 : Someone dropped
-7:15 : 5/10 Team assembled (same team, I think … someone re-queued?)
-9:20 : 10/10 Ready - Assembling game

2:25pm - Meltdown
-2:20 : 5/10 Team complete
-2:45 : 10/10 Ready - Assembling

**Two players dropped during character select, starting over ***

2:31pm - Meltdown
-0:15 : 5/10 Team complete (two repeats from previous)
-0:45 : 10/10

So there you go. Middle of the afternoon on a weekday, longest queue was just under 10 minutes. not ideal, to be sure, but hardly the 20-30 minute queues I hear people complaining about.

Oh, and all 3 matches were very well balanced. Not in CR, but in final result. I won 1, lost 2 … but there were no clearly superior teams. All 3 matches had some back and forth, lead changes, etc. Whether that’s a function of ELO or dumb luck … can’t really say. Three is a small sample size.

Oh, and FWIW, I didn’t see any 4 or 5 man pre-mades. And only saw 1 repeat name (but he was one of the leavers in the first meltdown game, so I dunno if that really counts)

I’ll probably repeat the experiment tonight or tomorrow, during peak hours. This was mostly a test of “how bad can it be.” Maybe I’ll try at 3am or something, too.

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I’m glad your having good experiences with it from what I hear alot of people on PC haven’t been as lucky