I feel like benedict is in a bad place pvp wise

I caught an alani
spending helix points, and I fired three 50% increased shield damage
hawk eye rockets, one ultimate, and two +dam/-aoe rockets at her face
and she didn’t die. I went on to die.

She didn’t have time to heal, she just sat there upgrading helix
points and eat dirt. Why does she do such instant ranged damage? How can
she heal so quickly? Why is Benedict so easily outclassed. There’s so
many ranged characters doing more base damage, with less bullet drop
off. I have to actually aim a rocket and hope they’re near where it
lands. One miss and my dps drops drastically. Benedict is one of the
best characters I’ve played at clearing lanes and helping the team push
forward, but he’s pretty awful at pvp.

Games are hit and miss. Im not sure if im playing him wrong or not, but benedict is my favorite character. I feel like he just needs a little love.


Ok, I’ll bite :joy:

I find Benedict’s strong suit to be his high maneuverability, not his damage. Alani is a support, shouldn’t have been able to 1v1 out-dps you… yes… she’s getting nerfed… let’s ignore that for now. Unless you get a slow moving target or stationery one, you won’t be able to 1v1 unless you have expert aim. He’s better suited to perch up high out of FoV while your team mate keeps your target distracted and you get a few shots on them. Nobody moves too fast while they’re attacking, yeah?

Just in case it sounds far fetched, I do have a youtube video

You’ll see as I said,
Three, +50% shield damage hawk eye rockets
two rockets
One ultimate

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Who says shes getting nerfed?

GBX Jesus himself lol

it wasn’t a 1 v 1 fight, the chart shows that Ambra did almost half the damage.
Ambra 352
Alani 434
When the fight starts you also see 2 red indicators where the damage is coming from

+50% shield damage doesn’t help as Alani has no shield
It looks like 1 rocket didn’t hit the target

but i understand by seeing so much damage output in such short moment it should have resulted in a kill. btw. Did you also pick the +20% damage for Homing Rockets ?

somthing like this??
2x 133 for hawkeye
1x 500 for boomsday
2x 184 for normal shots
1134 total damage against 1451 Alani health, almost there buddy.


Whaaat? Benedict is a beast, and that 50% bonus shield is irrelevant to Eldrids unless they’re overshielded. Also did you grab that homing rocket bonus damage? Benedict is fine where he’s at especially with his lore legendary? The man is God. But if you want him buffed i ain’t complaining

Yes I grabbed the homing rocket upgrade.

And I can’t complete the lore. Everyone is alani so I’ll never finish the tour, it’s the only one I have left.

Personally, people say Benedict is super mobile… he can jump twice, has a skill that shoots him 6-8 meters in the air, and float around like a balloon. Sure, his rockets deal decent damage, but they require a crazy lead off and you need to pray that the enemy is dumb enough not too divert from their path in the slightest even with the increased radius. He also has one of the lowest amounts of health in game (if not the lowest). He can’t really fly in PvP because he’s practically a sitting duck… OH! OH MY GOD I GET IT!

So you didnt notice it was 2v1 vrs you, the Alani got double healed from herself and Ambra you also missed a shot.
Keep in mind +50% shield rockets DO NOTHING vrs Eldrid characters unless they have a shield. Why you emphasis this I dont know.

Now to get in even more detail, what were the level differances and what gear did you and they have equiped? I have gear on my Alani that gives me just under 1000 extra health for example.

What I really find amusing is you took Benedict into the enclosed hallway, all of his escape utility is about getting up in the air. That was a really bad deicision that limited your ability to fight. You also didnt pay attention to your minimap to see Ambra and Montana were right behind you before you engaged.

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If you want to kill someone, and not just be a nuisance, attack at melee range.
Hawkeye + 2 Rockets and a quick melee can be done in a few seconds. Melting someone on the spot. (With proper Gears and Helix)

Second lowest. (Kleese is lower, if i remember correctly)

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Kleese also has ridiculous shielding and can constantly gain shield power as long as he is near a rift. Getting close with Benedict means you’re gonna get hit and his low health means that by the time you unload a couple rockets and a melee your opponent (especially melee fighters) have had plenty of time to hurt you enough to kill you.
1 rocket = around 240? (non-critical) x 3 rockets = 720 + quick melee (what? 100? 150?) = (lets be generous with the #s here) 1000 tops?.. 1000 is laughable to some characters and by that time the enemy can do the same to you, if not more, and you’re dead unless you sneak up on them which is kinda hard to do with those giant wings flopping every which way. I can often see a Benedict from a mile away. Range is the only logical way to keep him alive, but you’ve basically gotta hope the enemy doesn’t look up wondering where those explosions are coming from.

I’ll totally admit I suck with Benedict AND I don’t like his playstyle, but the numbers don’t really lie. Honestly though, I might be dead wrong.

Let’s say you are level 6.

Hawkeye (With a Murder of Rockets Helix): 181*3 =543
2 Rockets: 219 +20% (From Heavy Bombardment) = 262.8 * 2 = 525.6
1 Quick melee: 124
Total: 1192.6 Damage. In roughly 3-4 seconds.

At Level 6, Benedict got 1155 HP and 300 Shield in comparison.
You got Boomsday ready, it does 650 damage at this level, and it’s near instant-cast. Guess what is gonna happen to the poor soul you attacked.

Unless you are attacking a Tank (Which you shouldn’t ever do with Benedict) you are probably gonna kill whoever you fell onto.
Also, all of this without gear.

Trust me when i say i know my thing with Benedict. Because i don’t suck with him.

But shouldn’t a character be able to function without needing to do something so crazy specific? Shouldn’t a ranged character actually be able to do well at a distance? Sure he can run fast, but one of his main marketable qualities is that he can get up high and glide around. I’m just getting the impression that this tactic is really counter-intuitive for a bird… then again I suppose similar things could be said about other characters :sweat:

I just want to say that I don’t think Benedict is underpowered at all. Matter of fact, everytime I see him on the enemy team I consider leaving the game> I just can’t stand playing against Benedicts as they are little to no threat until they land that one magical hawkeye while you are at 75%-50% health range and you just die instantly from someone who didn’t even matter 5 seconds ago.

And most of this is coming as playing Alani as I have been desperately trying to get Ambra kills but I literally didn’t find a single one on the enemy team but I had four on my team throughout the day (maybe 30~ matches)

Edit: On topic though, Alani has a large health pool but small body, imagine doing the same damage to Montana, obviously he wouldn’t die. Also Alain is a close to medium range battleborn while Benedict is medium to long range and you were practically point blank to her and had no flying space inside the building. That’s just one thing that I wanted to point out about that fight.

You fly to set up a kill, or escape.
Usually i fly around from places to places (In Meltdown, to get minions kills from both lanes, or in Incursion to steal enemy shards) you destroy turrets and get into a position from where you won’t be seen coming.
Once everything is set, you fly around finding the guy(s) separated from the group and dive on them and unleash hell and escape as soon as possible.

That’s literally the Boom-n-Zoom technique which i apply to Battleborn (Getting in position, setting up, diving, quick kill, escape) so, it fit a flying dude, really. Hah.

And by being at close range the biggest Benedict’s problem (Slow projectiles) is nullified.
And if you kill someone quicker than they can kill you (Which is why you got to surprise them) you won’t have to worry about low health point (Also, i use a +280 max health and +210 Max health after 180 sec gear)

I find Benedict’s frustrating as well - they tend to fly off just before you can land that final blow! - but even playing against him, I can appreciate the beauty of this tactic. A good benedict will stay out of sight and out of mind, and just when you’ve forgotten about them they nail you. Hard.