I feel like GB doesn't know how to make a good shooter

Mechanically battleborn just doesn’t feel like a competitive game.I’m no technician but shooting in this game really feels unresponsive and unsatisfying to me unlike other competitive shooters like BF,COD,CSGO or even overwatch.Tbh it feels really similar to borderland’s shooting mechanics which is terrible ,but that game has a lot more to offer to help mitigate this.Marquis for example has a reallly weak sound effect for his pistol.The recoil also feels weird and floaty.Sniping with his gun doesn’t feel satisfying(the fact that everything is bulletspongy prolly have to do with this too) ,but the bad sound effect doesn’t help either.If this is all they can offer i think they should stick with PvE games because people would be less critical about how the shooting feel.


My Miko would have to disagree. I can’t take 2-3 shots from Marquis without healing back up again.

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The sound design is definitely garbage. Just play Thorn and you will see how bad it is.

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BL2 had awesome shooter mechanics, and while I’m not a fan of Marquis (definitely felt a little clunky), Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot feel exactly like BL2. Which, if you’re a decent shooter, felt like a carbon copy of CoD games prior to Ghosts. Haven’t played their garbage games since then but I imagine the feel is the same.

BL 2 had awesome shooter mechanics? Idk dude i couldn’t feel any physics from that game’s shooting mechanics.BL did many things right shooting mechanics is not one of them,but the game was marketed as an open world rpg not a competitive shooter so i’m not gonna judge it for that just like how i won’t judge skyrim or fallout 3 for their terrible shooting mechanics(FO4 has improved a lot on that matter tho) while BB on the other hand is marketed as a competitive shooter so it deserves to be judged as one.

Battleborn => Shooter

theres your problem, battleborn is a “sort of moba” in first person perspective,
falsely marketed as a shooter.
Half of all playable characters don’t even use projectiles.

Battleborn and OW have more in common with each other then both have with CoD or BF or CS.
BB and OW are still completely different from each other. Especially when it comes to the pacing of the PVP modes


I play a lot of shooters, a LOT!
BL as a whole is good, but awesome? no no no

All they share is a perspective and heroes.

That’s not a valid basis for comparison.

Would anyone compare team fortress 2 with league of legends? Doubtful

thats the whole point of my post @Ana.

They share atleast more features in common than both do with CoD or BF and CS. And the OP of this thread specificially compares BB to CoD,BF and CS. I use this to show that a comparison between BB and CoD/BF/CS an even worse comparison is to make, then between OW and BB

To be fair lol doesn’t have the same perspective as TF2.I would place battleborn somewhere between smite and TF2.I understand why GB doesn’t want to market it as a moba tho since there’s no such thing as a 60 usd moba with season pass and i feel that the campaign hardly justifies the price(Its like a poorman version of destiny’s campaign plus borderland’s humor).Idk which is worse between competing against f2p mobas or overwatch ,but GB seemed to choose the latter.

It’s not really meant to be a CoD…or any modern military shooter. It’s meant to be a lighthearted shooter.

Comparing this game with the ones you chose is like comparing Wensleydale with Parma Ham…

Maybe it’s a feeling thing. I played the heck out of MW2 and MW3 and BL’s handling felt the exact same as that (which was pretty solid). It must be a perspective thing, or aiming just comes a little easier for me cause I’ve never had a problem.

I don’t think we are talking about the same game then. If borderlands 1 or 2 had bad shooting mechanics then I guess CoD and BF have just as bad of shooting mechanics.

Not familiar with BL2, but yeah the shooting in this game doesn’t feel as tight and responsive as it could for whatever reason compared to other PS4 shooters I’ve played. Might be partly due to 30FPS instead of 60 as most other shooters. But those other shooters aren’t trying to do as much as this game does.

Yeah, it is totally down to perspective, depending on what games you have played previously etc. its hard to compare opinions. For me personally, i prefer a heavier feel and less twitch gameplay, whereas the faster the game the looser it starts to feel. Ghost Recon vs Quake Arena sort of thing, i love both games, but i prefer the feel of GR.

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Are you serious?BL and BF feel the same to you?

Honestly Gearboxes games are the only first person shooters I actually ENJOY.

Games like cod and overwatch and the recent battlefields are all weightless and boring and monotonous for me.

In borderlands I loved how all the weapons have an actual kick and boom to them. Especially Torgue and Jacobs. Three way hulk is love/life.

In Battleborn while WF and OM’s guns feel like pea shooters, I absolutely LOVE the satisfaction of Toby’s rail gun, for example. The charge up and BOOM.

I feel like GB are the only ones who know how to make a shooter be actually FUN.


Same. Twitch shooters just feel mindless and bore me pretty quickly. Its why I never enjoyed quake/overwatch/unreal/doom.

Always loved Ghost Recon (original Xbox ones), rainbow six, etc, more tactical shooters as well as games like Operation Raccoon City.

Of course they don’t know how look at borderlands

I see hit feedback or “weight” or “feelsright” factor completely fine in Battleborn. Of course it’s not on par with games that basically rely on that 90%, such as quake, but for a hybrid, it is better done than I expected before playing the game myself.

The only thing about it that I can kinda pinpoint is that, if you HAVEN’T played the game, but you watch the game, you will probably conclude that the hit feedback is horrible. Unfortunately, BB is very bad to watch, it has to be tried. Which is why I think some kind of limited time mode or a demo would do good things for the game.
If you watch, say, a let’s play or a twitch stream of BB and didn’t play the game, but want to see what it’s all about, you will probably see the whole system as very, very, VERY weightless, which is a big no-no. That isn’t the case when you actually play. This particular issue seems to not be present with other games, if you watch doom, you pretty get the idea of the system and can gauge it pretty accurately based on viewing experience. In OW too, you can watch a stream and see which weapons are clunky or floaty and which are well made or whether the hit feedback is clear and yet not disruptive etc.
With Battleborn, it’s nigh impossible to do so before you sit and play it.