I feel like ppl look at alani w the wrong perspective

I think she is crowd control like thorn and orendi first, healer second.

I’ve noticed that people see she has a heal and immediately declare her a dedicated healer, and how her DPS is too high for a healer and constantly comparing her to Miko etc

But the problem is she just burst heals once in a while. Miko is a dedicated healer who stays behind everyone else. Alani is up front doing crowd control with minor heals from her riptide and the occasional burst heal from wellspring. Hence her having more health.

I’m not saying I’m the expert on her but the heals seem really secondary when playing her, and I find myself focusing more on geyser and riptide to push and launch people around, than focusing on healing because you have to wait for osmosis so its better to just use it when you see yourself or an ally at low health rather than try to maintain high health like Miko does.

Playing as her I find myself focusing mostly on pushing, launching slowing and bubbling players and minions.

Anyone else feel like people should stop seeing her as “healer”? Its like ambra. The heals are peripheral at best.


I completely agree with everything you said.
She’s a crowd/territory control who has the ability to heal, not a full-fledged healer.

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I feel the problem with this idea is how fast her Osmoisis stacks charge. You literally throw out 8 hits (made easier with her +20% attack speed) and then heal for up to 900 hp without any helix upgrades to it or heal power equipment. She IS a healer, but she’s a combat healer that functions somewhat like Reyna and her shield.

She has multiple playstyles like other heroes, but some characters have been made to only function in one role however which is disappointing.


But that’s also easier said than done in an actual fight.

Health drops in a fight much faster than she can actually build osmosis.

I’ve managed to be hard to kill with her but that’s only due to her cc keeping enemies at bay until I can heal again.

I’ve had melka and gali bumrushing me and have to bubble and wave push them away constantly as wellspring barely keeps me alive until help comes.

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And you can spec her skills for additional heals but then you’re effectively giving up her DPS and cc abilities since now you aim at allies rather than enemies

I personally don’t have that issue. I ran a match on Overgrowth yesterday and our Mellka was the front line fighter and I was right beside her. I could literally keep myself alive while constantly getting her to full health whenever she got low. I’d just hit the constant stream of minions and I’d get two full charges per wave.

I think her best trait is that she can hold a lane by herself, especially in Meltdown. An absurd amount of AoE and sustain. Not exactly what you typically see in a healer.


I think you mean AOE damage based. Thorn doesn’t have cc and all Orendi has is a blind for cc. But they both are heavenlyAOE (AreaOfEffect) based

Thorn has plenty of CC. Her level 1 helix is a CC for her LB, and it can be fully modded to give her a buff and the other team a debuff.

Oriendi does have very little CC.

Her healing is 800+ HP and it takes a matter of seconds to fill up her stacks. The problem with it, is if she can do the damage of Thorn and Orendi, she has the CC of Thorn and Orendi AND 800 HP burst heal every couple seconds then she outclasses them.

Are you going to pick these characters who are roughly the same but can’t heal, or this one that is roughly the same and can heal?

IMO she needs some tweaks from what I’ve experienced so far (level 8, all pvp). Mainly I think it’s just her primary DPS. Super fun character to play and can be specced in different ways! I love that healing with her actually takes thought as well, instead of just hold LT.

Edit: Ambras beam started off very strong…now it is mainly to do a little damage and build heat so she can do burst damage…In a similar light, Alani’s primary attack should be mainly used to stack so she can burst heal…IMO

Yea I just thought of her slow but alani has this crazy heal I was around 200 hp one time and all of a sudden I see my hp instantly go to 1100. That’s CRAZY

no dot heal, just an instant burst of health

… she’s a support character class, not a DPS.
A support is intended to “help” their teammates more than they damage the enemies (that’s what an attacker is for)

She IS a healer, but she is not fitting into her role.

And as a healer, she’s a single target burst healer, like Reyna, but she does more healing than Reyna… so if you think she shouldn’t be used as a healer (which she certainly should) then Reyna shouldn’t either…

You’re attempting to re-classify her because she’s over performing at a role she’s not supposed to be performing.
I’d advise you to expect a damage nerf probably around the 30% to 40% range.


As a Thorn main:
Alani doesn’t come close to the damage Thorn can dish out in good hands.


Her primary DPS at level 1 is 140-ish. This is on par with Orendi, Oscar Mike and other attackers. I think we can agree this is too high.

Yeah, 100 would be better, but not below that.

Miko’s base DPS (not even counting the poison) is also around 140. Reyna’s base DPS is about 120. Kleese’s base DPS is 160. Alani’s base DPS isn’t really out of the ordinary for supports at all.


I agree. That’d be about 30% nerf. Only other thing is maybe make the stun a helix choice and knock up by default. Either way, as long as they bring her DPS down she’ll be much more in line with other supports.

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Those numbers seem higher than I’d expect. More specifically, it’s too high for her kit. IMO of course.

Edit: Ambras DPS is 70 btw. My poor girl

I’m counting them as cc for all the pushes bubbles launches and slows

However in the case of alani her primary DPS is her ONLY real DPS so she needs that damage. Her two skills are for heals and cc. Bubble someone and torrent shot them.

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