I feel like this is being overlooked lately

This game is crazy fun and we don’t talk about it enough.

No game has brought me back to my favorite days of multiplayer gaming (halo 1 system link parties) like Battleborn. We have two TVs set up for 4 player couch co-op and our living room is Constantly filled with people yelling in excitement.

Thank you Gearbox for bringing me back.

What are some of your favorite moments from the past couple months of Battleborn?


Gotta say apart from the issues lately I really have enjoyed playing this game. My favorite moments by far are those where you get to overtake the enemy team in the last 2 minutes of the game…especially if they’re winning. That’s one incredible feeling. It’s also the best when you’re matched with a team that has a plan - not talking about 5 player teams in party mode, but that random encounter where everyone just clicks. It’s also really fun to play when you have two evenly matched teams…frustrating too but very challenging and rewarding regardless of a win or loss.

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:joy: hahaha that is great! I will definitely check it out

unfortunately one of the biggest glaring problems is one you dont have to deal with…There are alot of people who play solo…aside from not being with people it makes it difficult on weekdays to find groups at times on console and impossible on pc. But Im really glad you enjoy it as I have had some great memries with it as well and hope to have more when new content is released. When new stuff is released expect a flood of ppl back for sure.

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For me, Battleborn has been a great dose of the same crazy Gearbox humor and verve in action gaming while I patiently wait for Borderlands 3 to be made.

I’ve loved gaming on story mode with my friends, linked on headsets and laughing about whatever hilarious nonsense our Battleborn just spouted after laying in the final hit to a foe.

I enjoy that this game is hella challenging, but still feels like it can be overcome with the right plan and execution. (The Experiment on Advanced is still killing me, though! Having to defend the same objective multiple times with no restoration of durability?!? And having to defend 4 separate points from a mix of ranged and melee assault? Yowza. It’s rough.)

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When I tried Attikus for the first time, I killed some Thralls as our opponents pushed. Got five charges, hit level ten and chose increased duration, then kept them in the air for the last seconds of the game. We won by three points. Haven’t played him in a while, but his ult is amazing.

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My favourite time was launch before everything went to hell. I loved it. ISIC was viable, Ambra wasn’t terrible, it was a beautiful time. Before the balancing team could rend, shred, and tear this wonderful, amazing game to pieces.

I’m not joking, I’ve become more depressed and distant with each patch. This is the most destructive, toxic balancing team I’ve ever seen. And it actually looks like they’re actively trying to kill off their own game. I really can’t fathom why.

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I have to admit, ever since BB allowed people to remain in queue after a match, we exchanged praises on the match even when we lose. It’s a nice touch to know random people in there share the same love!