I feel sorry for 5 man pre mades

Most people don’t want to get rolled so they quit, i can’t imagine now long it would take a high ranked 5 man to get a group if people kept running off, kinda makes me feel sorry for them in a way.

Im eager to see a more balanced MM system, I don’t mind losing if its a close match but i know i like most people get psyched out before the fight starts if you see a high 90 5 man against you.

But i have full faith GBX is working on something :slight_smile: hopefully after a few weeks most people will be 100 so it wont feel so intimidating… the 5 players on the other hand >.<

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Unfortunately i dont have any mates that play often so my queues are solo play in 95% of times. However, i played in a group of 3 people about 10 times without any voice and we could destroy everyone so easily that it really doesnt have any sense and fun to me. As for group of 5 people i feel sorry not only for their waiting but for playing kind of 500-0 games. Its not something that makes your victory be any competetive and i’ve seen some people on forums allready saying how cool they are and all their wins are full premade vs team of random people.

My suggestion is to allow for group queue teams 2 3 and 5 players. In this case two separate teams of 2 and 3 players may come into one party which will increase the time on searching oponents as you can imagine how much time you will spent waiting for other 5 guys. So i would say you can register as 2 people or 3 people and the system will look for other 3 or 2.

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There have been quite a few suggestions on how to make MM more fun and im sure GBX is working on them :slight_smile: but i do agree, i like to win , sure who doesn’t but i prefer a close game over a steam roll


I think they really need to make this priority one. as a pre-made should never be matched against a Pick up group, it just creates a bad experience for everyone.

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although having said that our pug beat a 5 man high level premade a little after a made this :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes 5 mans are just messing around and trying some funny strats, loosing is not an issue when playing with friends…

i always play solo, i do have a mic but meh

This is one of those things where Command rank being taken out of visibility would help out.

It would really help people stay in game but not only that, just as it was stated, everyone will be hitting high levels soon enough and there would be no point to Command Rank.

Yea you could see the other team being in a party would still be intimidating but not as much as knowing they are gamers who have played quite a bit (I was about to say skilled but not all high lvls are skilled)


Half the time, I’m doing something in the command menus and don’t even notice the enemy team’s party. I’d actually like a way to see it in game.

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agreed but MP is required to make your battleborn stronger and mutations. Think it would have helped if they locked the MP until a certain level or skill level reached.

I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. Sure if I play my mains (Master: Mellka, Oscar Mike) then I can live up to my expected rank but if I move to someone I don’t know very well then I get some serious hate for not carrying the group to victory every time.


So long as we can still see parties. BB is the first pvp game I can think of with this level of transparency. People who quit immediately because they see they are up against a pre-made would likely find other reasons to quit.

Now, when I am facing a 5man I can pretty much assume there will never be a one-on-one and I can adjust accordingly. It still sucks, and you’re still at a disadvantage (mostly because Pugs rarely communicate), but at least now you’ve revealed part of the reason for a faceroll.

EDIT: To clarify, I think CR is useless information, but knowing when you’re up against (or teamed with) a party isn’t. It may still cause some people to be discouraged as playing against a party tends to suck, but at least we know when it happens.

CR should definitely not be shown. It is not a useful metric past maybe CR 10, because it does not measure skill but rather time played. Sure, someone who queues up as CR 2 (beat the prologue mission and that is it) probably is going to suck a bit because they truly are inexperienced, but I have seen no evidence to suggest a CR 20 player is worse than a CR 100 player. That CR 100 player could have gotten the bulk of that in campaign or simply not be that good, despite playing 100+ hours, while the CR 20 person may be awesome but only has played a few matches.

By showing CR it causes players to assume impending defeat when they see the enemy team has an average of 50+ when theirs is maybe 25, but that is simply not true. The only thing that really spells trouble is when you face a premade and are on a team of randoms. Odds are, unless you play well together or manage to just all be good, you are going to be in for a bad time due to their superior coordination.


You’re able to spot out premades? All this time I thought the only way to tell is by losing by a large margin and the enemy team being super coordinated.

The only way I can tell for sure is when they all use the same title/icon to denote they are part of a “clan”, essentially. I have seen that a fair bit, where three or four players, typically around the same CR, have the same title. Past that, you can try to spot when the same players are together or just make a guess.

On PS4, there is a yellow bar on the right side of parties. You can easily spot pre mades.

I wish I had fate in Gearbox like you guys. After an Open Beta and a month playing time, they prove incapable of a decent matchmaking. Not only unbalanced, but ur honestly takes 10-15 minutes Every time. What a waste of money:(


Ha, I never noticed, thanks!

I see your point but on the same note it is disheartining at times if its the same premade. We played a few games laster night on average the que was around 40 mins long and each time we got the same 5 man premade that beat us. Premades in general sure but going up against a team you know for a fact will win kinda sucks at times

Your situation is unique and playing against the same team constantly that totally outclassed me would definitely lead to frustration and likely feeling forced to play something else for the evening.

My post came off as too harsh. While in general I try to play out all matches, especially because they have time limits, I understand in the current meta some situations are near unbearable. All I want is for them to remove the useless info of CR but keep the useful info of parties.

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One night on the pretty dead aussie servers it hasnt been to surprising but i agree its pretty rare :slight_smile: