I finally beat uvhm

After a long few weeks of uvhm, I finally beat it tonight!! When I first started uvhm I literally thought that there was no way I was going to beat it getting nearly one shotted by just about everything. I adapted and conquered and finally found a great setup for my assassin that carried me all the way through basically all done solo. Now I’m going to farm for a level 72 dpuh, restart uvhm get the rubi and love thumper again and do the dlcs either before or during op levels… honestly didn’t think I was going think beat the warrior.


Congrats! Digistruct Peak can be done with basically level 72 gear up until about OP3-4- after that, better gear is mandatory. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Good for you! The endgame of bl2 is the real game, welcome! Have fun!

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Congrats! You’ll see that very soon the game is going to feel like normal mode once again. If only every new player had your attitude and disposition, we’d have a lot less pointless discussions around here.

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