I finally got a PlayStation 4

Now, I know that my last post was in 2016… but as soon as the reveal that Borderlands 3 was coming in September, and that last-gen consoles are being tossed by the wayside, finally forced me to buy a PS4. What kills me, is that I could get the Handsome Collection, but am about $18 shy of being able to pay for a subscription to PlayStation Plus so I can get it for free.

@VaultHunter101 I don’t know how much is too much for you, but I’m reasonably sure you’ll be able to get a good price on a new or used XB1 or PS4 by the time BL3 rolls out.

Funny thing, I found mine online for $150 from someone who was selling their PS4 so they could pay some bills. All the guy used it for was playing Fortnite and watching Netflix. I still have my White Super Slim PS3 though. I have Borderlands 1, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition for the PS3, it would be a waste to not continue playing them… and the other games I have. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like you got a deal. I replied to you in the other thread so I won’t repeat the whole thing here, but look for those deals! Sony and MS are still playing cat-and-mouse with features and improvements as they fight over market share in the run up to next year’s console releases, and with all these game streaming services coming on line, they are further upping their game to retain and win users.