I FINALLY got to OP4


{NOTE: I had a stroke in 2011 and my “powers” have taken a hit, my manual dexterity is “broken” and my short-term memory is {crap}. I bought BL2 on November 26 2015, I am also a Linux user}

About a half hour ago, I FINALLY got to OP4 after having failed, what seems to me, a billion times.

The problem had always been those four assassins. Only once before I killed those damnable assassins and the first time I killed all four, I died almost instantly, that was about two years ago.

Well… I finally killed all four and I was super paranoid, overly cautious, threw alot of grenades and went through slowly. I went into fight-for-your-life twice, but I was using my Gunzerker, so I could keep gunzerking for a few seconds, and I did.

This was a {heck} of an experience, but somehow I got to OP4


I don’t know if I will try OP5, but because I am a {penis} to myself… I guess I will.

{{I am a 56 year-old man who is retired/self-employed/self-unemployed/whatever, I generally go for walks, play video games, and shoot paper targets with firearms, and cook. I am also enslaved by two cats}}


I’m a stroke survival as well AND a Linux user – my dexterity isn’t the best, WASD is out of the question – but killer with a controller. good luck on your continued recovery – I’m 21 years post stoke and still feel as if I’m recovering…




Yeah… The first six months after a stroke are very important. I had speech therapy three times a week for a year to “rebuild” my vocabulary. And I had learned to HATE crossword puzzles!


Well done. I can only imagine how small a percentage of players actually got 1 OP level, let alone 4, considering most BL2 players have probably never even touched TVHM/a second character.


Or - judging by the forum posts - the number of people who rage quit UVHM before cracking level 55!




See, I generally don’t look at forum posts UNTIL I actually finish, in the case of BL2, the Normal level. Yeah… it was a bear at first, I had several characters, deleted them, and restarted until I got it right! Yeah… I guess I am a man who needs to complete everything, at least once.

For example, I HATE the “timed missions”, but the only timed mission I ALWAYS do is “customer service”. And I only did “arms dealing” only once.

I can’t really understand that a person BUYS a game but doesn’t finish it.



@kevinbenko, congratulations man - clearing new levels of Digistruct Peak are solid achievements. I do think that room is the tightest bottleneck in the level, so if you get a handle on that, the subsequent segments shouldn’t be overly difficult (including the boss, but I’ll let you find that out on your own if you get there).

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Congrats, now we can get the FDA to approve Borderlands as a certified rehab method!

Getting to OP4 for anyone is tough, glad you made it!


I guess people mainly see the first playthrough as the entire game. It makes sense considering most other games are like that. I have a friend who’s played multiple characters across multiple Borderlands, but he’s never done playthrough 2 on any of them. He just says "I feel like the adventure is over after that. " Since most games don’t really add much new to second playthroughs if they even have them at all, it makes sense that gamers are conditioned that way. Borderlands is actually the oddity in that the new game plus isn’t just something tacked on.

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never been able to get past op3 with any character. tried all 6. can’t even get past op1 with kreig. always bummed me out I couldn’t get to max OP levels. this game is so much harder than BL3.

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I was the same way with my Salvador. The only thing that got me past that hump was religiously sticking to the DP Harold/grog/bee/sheriff’s badge combo.

When that DLC came out, I was well into allegiance play, so I ran them as far as I could on their own merits before dipping into a shared pool of the beefiest gear (Grog Nozzle, Pimpernel, those kind of game-breaking things).

I barely remember now, but I think Torgue Axton and Tediore Maya got to OP6, where Dahl Axton and Vladof Zer0 only got to OP4 before they had to tap into that OP weapon set to continue (and honestly, a few of them coasted through the highest levels in co op missions with friends who were Gunzerking their way through).

You only need to get through each level once to officially “be” at that level… once I was through, it was super rare that I ever hit the game anywhere over OP5.

The jump into UVHM in the DLC prior to this was meant to be hard AF… like they knew that providing levels this high would get so far from the original game balancing that it would legit cause certain game mechanics/gear to be nigh unusable. The second bump in levels (Digistruct Peak and the OP levels) took this to another level (pun intended). BL2 itself isn’t this hard; these hard ass DLC expansions definitely are.

That said, if you’re still into BL2 and can find someone to carry you through the last few levels, it does open up some brilliant opportunities. Try this:

  • Get someone to carry you to OP8 (or OP10 because of course that’s a thing, and that’s not a bad DLC).
  • Set the game to OP3, get some easy-but-effective gear. I’d consider a mission reset here so those side missions are available again on-level. Also: go to OP10 and tip Moxxi for a Bad Touch (if you’ve already gotten the Good Touch), and shop vending machines for the best shield you can find. Even better: have a friend buy you an Antagonist shield or even donate a Blockade. Bring these back to OP3. These shields will take OP3-level damage “normally”. Some enemies can certainly still rock your world, but most of the locals will need at least a few good shots before your shield is down.
  • Play the game normally (get through the story, pick up side missions, etc.). Specifically, go get the gear you like to use at OP3.
  • Some gear you like to use you may find too weak at this OP3 level (against OP3 enemies). For those, try to get them at a higher OP level. An OP10 Commerce can be quite viable at OP3, for example. This lets you “buff” weapons in your OP3 gear library.
  • Build your OP3 gear library with weapons from whatever levels feel just about right at OP3 (not too hard and not too soft - like you’d be comfortable playing at this level with this gear). Then when you want a harder fight, just pick a higher OP level, and now this custom balanced gear set is a bit lower than your enemies, and the fights will be that much harder. If you want an easier fight, just pick a lower OP level, and this gear set will be that much stronger. If you just want to steamroll everything, bring this to OP0, and go for it.

I’m only suggesting OP3 because that’s what I did (I knew some gear that I wanted to use would need a gigantic buff to be viable there, otherwise I might have picked a higher OP level at which to build my library, plus I wanted to use every red-texted thing in the game, so some really needed some help).

This routine should set you up with a comfortable level of combat with several difficulty options on either side of you, and in fact, gives you more difficulty range than normal. If you think OP10 is easy, try it with an OP3 gear set. If you want enemies to die with a stern look, set the game to TVHM or even Normal. Even better: you can change this difficulty every time you start playing, and you’re not “locked” into an overly hard difficulty.

Best end game ever… wish it didn’t scare off so many players, or GBX might have kept it for future games.

As I am a Linux user {since 1995} and since BL3 is not playable on Linux, I went and bought me a PS4-Pro just to play BL3 {and I bought the handsome collection to get level 80, and BL1 for the “super-duper-extended-crap”}

And, yes BL3 is just too easy. I still play BL3, and BL2, BL-TPS, and BL1 because I do love the BL franchise. Yeah I played “Tales from the Borderlands” once, but since the original producer went {breasts}up it Tales… isn’t as good as it used to be…

BL3 is 100% playable on Linux using proton. most of my steam library are windows titles playable under it.

Hmmm… I didn’t know that. Thank you, but since I already bought the PS4, and since I would have to buy an upgraded graphics card {and since I recently bought a full clutch kit, an axle, and a pair of seals witch cost me {butt} load of money, I don’t have the cash to buy an upgraded graphics card, I will just use my PS4}. But, thanks for the information!

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My PS4 has an automatic transmission, are there any real advantages to swapping in a manual transmission?

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