I finally made it!

I finally reached the elite club of player who cruise Mayhem 3! :smiley:
Thanks to this cool Amara elemental gun build! :slight_smile:
Thanks Eroktic! :slight_smile:

I could say that gearing was easy… but truth is, I just happen to have a phazerker, a brainstomer, which is the core of the needed item! Dunno how rare they are…

However… I haven’t reached the club of people who kill Graveward in a few seconds yet! :open_mouth: :confused:
I guess there is still room for improvements hey?!.. sigh…

I would delete this GB will look into your build and nerf it to hell. Congratz tho. Just a warning they did the same and still are to my moze build GL

haha… I might be wrong… but I dont believe they try to destroy good build on purpose ^^

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They have before but hey man luck with you

Full of insight as always

Good job, I have been playing around a few build for my Flak, so far i have 1 favorite for mayhem 3 content. A few more tweaks and I think I will be good

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Good luck to you too man! :smiley:

I haven’t tried Cistern of Slaughter on that build yet… But I suspect it might not good enough…
That’s my only uncompleted quest! :slight_smile: