I found a COM with 2 points in a 1 point skill

I’ve seen a bunch of posts on here that say you can’t get more than double a skills natural cap, but then I found this.

Is it an exception or just super rare? Has anyone else seen one or maybe a 3 point skill with more than 3 on the COM?

I haven’t… would love to if this is a thing though!

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I think it’s just that COM, I have seen scores of COM’s with only +1 in Redistribution and Psycho Head on a Stick. But never ones with more.

The new Moze COM can drop with +4 to Means of Destruction (a 3-point skill). So yeah, 7/3 in MoD. :slight_smile:

Oh nice!

So maybe it’s just the new ones, from the kreig dlc. Has anyone seen the zane or fl4k COMs with extra?