I found a person violating the NDA

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seems like another video posted by the same person

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Ima gonna guess it’s this funky Croat:


You think they’d remove the (closed technical test) tag just to alleviate obvious awareness of liability

report the youtube videos, it’ll be taken down soon

what would I put it as? copyright? “Other legal issue”?

probably other legal issue, its not copyright as such yet until its released

I will not put his SteamID / profile here because it would probably start a witch hunt but in case the developers need it feel free to PM me

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@moderators or something else to make sure gearbox goes and gets this taken down quick before it gets downloaded and posted elsewhere?

Mods just moderate this forum, we don’t have any purple powers anywhere else. The Gearbox team are dealing with this stuff.

If only you did :wink:

Heh. I can’t see that ending any way but badly.

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Passing this on to the team. Thanks!