I found all 223 named locations and went to both Jasons waterfall and logan's yet still no trophy for all named locations

Honestly really frustrated as this is the last trophy I need as well. I’ve looked online for solutions , only to find this issue has been going on since last year with very little to no workarounds… Seriously gearbox fix your game. If anyone can help me with some workarounds that’d be very much appreciated… I’ve been to jasons waterfall, logans, & even the restricted catacombs already as well… Though I did once end up joining a friend who was in TVHM when I was still in normal and discovered an area I haven’t previously. Could that have messed things up?


Just wondered if you have found a fix for this yet? I’m having exactly the same problem - have all planet trophies and 223 locations but can not get master of all you survey trophy. Very frustrating.

Not yet. Kinda just been off the game as I’m a bit frustrated & drained from borderlands that I’ve become too lazy to explore the entire universe again on a new character. Really wish they’d just make an update on this. It’s 2020 now and this issue has been ongoing… there’s no reason for them not to fix this.

Even worse that It’s the only trophy I’m missing as well.

I finally got it after finishing all proving grounds in TVHM. I think there is an issue with the trophy popping if you start TVHM on the same character before finishing the game on NM. With hindsight I should have 100% the game in normal mode before starting TVHM… lesson learnt!

Thanks I’ll try it Ciam! That’s essentially what I did. I joined a friend’s game & did stuff there. That’s probably what f’d it

By any chance, when you started TVHM did you rediscover all locations before doing all the proving grounds?

I just whizzed through the campaign in order to get to the proving grounds, no matchmaking. As i said when i finished the last one the trophy popped. Good luck!

Well it didn’t work sadly. I don’t know what’s wrong with this stupid trophy. I went through the proving grounds & completed them & got nothing. Gearbox really is grinding my gears

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Would a few of the side missions have any unique areas in them? I haven’t done all the side missions but I got the trophy when I did the Takedown for the first time.