I found an a good use for the skill Duty Calls (in UVHM)

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I was using the SMG class mod that gives +5 Forbearance to take out Bloodwing, but I found another similar mod that gave me +6 to the skill Duty Calls.

I had completely given up on this skill in UVHM (though I abused it heavily in TVHM and NVHM), but getting that mod made me want to give it another go…

Well I found something amazing! It works AMAZINGLY with the Lascaux SMG! (a Light Lascaux I was using). The +33% smg accuracy boost DOES work with Lascaux I can confirm, it brings the bullets closer together give the gun better range! But it was doing awesome damage at short and mid range. A non-elem Emperor (still haven’t found one) or Fox SMG in other slot to snipe with makes the build very viable in UVHM. I like to use Vladdoff fire grenades also to do fire damage that my guns are lacking in.

I managed to get some video of footage of me using this design, hopefully I can upload it here soon.

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

A N-E Bone Shredder should work great with setup too ; same with a Tattler, but that’s slightly more work to get :wink:

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Axton can do good things with jakobs gear even on OP8


I’m guessing he’s using the much maligned Specialist COM which increases SMG accuracy and boosts Ready as well for better reload on those pokey Bandits.

I never did get around to trying a Jakobs Axton. I think I might just do that now.

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I knew it he was using a specialist com, but his comment about giving up on duty calls needed a rebuttal. Yes it’s a small additive bonus, but for an all non elemental load out it’s not a bad pick up


Alright - so I tried out the Jakobs build and that went as expected (good, obviously).

But I tried out the Bandit Specialist, and DAMN!

  • non-elemental Bone Shredder and Tattler
  • Slagga
  • Tediore Plasma Caster for Second Winds (although in retrospect, a Badaboom may have been more appropriate)
  • Bandit relic ( mine had damage and fire rate )
  • Military Specialist COM

Used a variation on the Jakobs build :

The COM’s accuracy improvement is impressive :

I had Mighty Morphin’ open - I managed to inject three pods at the same time :laughing:

Between all the fire rate, accuracy and reload buffs this was pretty much awesome.

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I don’t like Jacobs much at UVHM, but I’m sure the right player can be very good the DC fire rate buff would be good for those blue Jacobs snipers I guess.

Anyway as promised here is footage of my Duty Calls SMG Axton:

Btw still can’t do Hyperion Slaughter 5 with him :tired_face: Looks like I’m gonna have to get the corrosive hail (again) and rely on it (again) :laughing:

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that is awesome!. I like it.