I found awesome Hyperion shotguns to use with Sal for Hyperion slaughter

As I was going to Bunker/Angel, a 1-shot hype slag shotty and 2-shot corrosive. The combo as expected was awesome!

When done well I thought f everything else, might as well head direct to Hyperion Slaughter Pit!

Sure enough sick as I thought! At the end of that round (3) I level up so yeah I reckon Round 4 and 5 probably will wait till later :grin:

P.S. also of great help was a Tiny Tina DLC Class Mod (+accuracy, +mag size and Money Shot bonus)!


I think you can make greater combat with more than 2 points of “Bus…”. This money shot is strong enough.
Anyway I found out you’re No red text player in most time.

No. You were not. Sorry for my misunderstanding. They were just not that fancy gears. I checked your uploads and got to know.


If you were a PC player, I would give you a few great gears (around the level you carry)…It’s shame. I want see your play with those.

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