I found something and I want to share it xD


7/5 Bloodbath and 5/5 Bloody Trance xDDD
10/5 ToTK xD

My FIRST build with loadout xDDD
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then… xD

(sorry for the auto-referent thread, but i had to do it xD)

How times do change, brethren.

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That florentine though…

ps.: is that a sham?


it’s a transformer, dunno why i was using it xD
I dunno, but I left using the florentine

Oh how times have changed. It’s good to see that you got your groove on, bud. :dukeaffirmative:

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Eh. When the cap was 50 my Mechro build was all over the place. ;p

I second this.

Thanks gulf. You and my good friend @Giuvito helped me a lot.

Nova, you’re the mechro badass.


La teníai clarita, oe si!

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la pulenta xD

Only now I’ve noticed the comment about Blood Trance.

… well you know, BT actually is a dps-enhance; from a melee-perspective it’s my favourite skill from Bloodlust.