I friggin' love this game!

I see a lot of negativity on here, but I don’t let it bother me. I mean I haven’t been this excited or hooked on a game in a very long time. This game is so different and unique. It truly is a breath of fresh air to see a game that takes a totally new direction from mainstream games.
I applaud gearbox for their ingenuity and determination to create new games rather than take cookie cutter genres and insert their own flavor.
Granted this game has had a rough start and a fairly limited launch, but I think we can all see that this game has major potential and that gearbox is really going to put some major devotion into this. This game is going to expand its content and grow it’s fan base tremendously. I think that battleborn is going to be the game that developers start basing their own projects off of.

Here’s to my new favorite game. I know I won’t be putting it down for a very long time to come.

(Just thought this forum board needed an optimistic post for a change)


This game is to get me through until No Man’s Sky comes out. This game has some issues, but I do agree it is really fun. Would like to have shorter match making times, lower spawn counters, and more balanced characters.

In the grand scheme of things, I think this game is fantastic. It’s not too complicated, but has depth to it. And with what has been coming out lately, this game is pretty great in the glitches / exploits department so far. With the way games are coming out bugged as hell and/or incomplete (looking at you Division and Destiny), this game reminds there are those trying harder.

Sure the game has launched with problems but pretty much every game that has come out this gen or last genall start out with issues (look at bf4 that took over a year to fix) even with these faults the game is fun as hell.

Yeah I have love/hate relationship with Battleborn. I’ll rage after a match where I get spanked, then 20 minutes later I’m doing it all over again.

The Spawn counters are intentional. They are penalizing you for dying late game, or feeding. It’s part of the Moba aspect, and keeps the game from being a tdm.

Also, most of the characters ARE balanced, they just fit different play styles.

Glad you are enjoying it!

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This is a dangerous place for you to say you love this game… for everyone of these types of posts there are 10 demanding for changes and 4 stating they are done playing for good.

I have been enjoying it too. Probably will play much less when no man’s sky comes out, but I’ve played through well worth the purchase price from this game.

Love it too, want to play now but my daughter’s are watching Britain got talent.

My afternoon is put the lamb in the oven, put battleborn on, have a go at one of the missions and then some multiplayer games.


I love this game as well. I was worried at first, but all the things I was worried about, I quite enjoy. My favorite thing about this game is that just when I think I have found my favorite character, I give another one a try and end up loving them just as much.

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Glad that im not the only one that loves this game