I friggin' love this game!

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see a lot of negativity on here, but I don’t let it bother me. I mean I haven’t been this excited or hooked on a game in a very long time. This game is so different and unique. It truly is a breath of fresh air to see a game that takes a totally new direction from mainstream games.
I applaud gearbox for their ingenuity and determination to create new games rather than take cookie cutter genres and insert their own flavor.
Granted this game has had a rough start and a fairly limited launch, but I think we can all see that this game has major potential and that gearbox is really going to put some major devotion into this. This game is going to expand its content and grow it’s fan base tremendously. I think that battleborn is going to be the game that developers start basing their own projects off of.

Here’s to my new favorite game. I know I won’t be putting it down for a very long time to come.

(Just thought this forum board needed an optimistic post for a change)

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I don’t usually visit this category (Duke Nukem), but your title intrigued me.

Ok, ok, I’ll keep reading…


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While it’s always great to see some activity in the Duke section (gives me something to do anyways), and specially positive activity.

I do want to clarify…

3D Realms and Triptych developed DNF. Piranha Games handled the porting of the game to the Xbox 360 and PS3, while developing the MP.
Gearbox worked in a producer capacity here, giving 3DR the ability to get the game released.

I do enjoy a lot of GBX’s titles, I just feel that with DNF, it should be clear who actually made the game.

But, still, thanks for the kind words.
While it’s got it’s issues, and rough edges, I do have a soft spot for DNF.

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OP is referring to Battleborn, not DNF or Duke Nukem 3D World Tour.
Ergo - wrong forum.